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Monster Hunter + Universal Studios Japan

File this one in the Japan-only category. Capcom and Universal Studios Japan are teaming up to provide fans with a Monster Hunter section of the theme park.

Planned projects for the location include productions of built-to-scale models of several monsters, the first of which was revealed to be Silver Rathalos. Other monsters will be put into production, with Capcom-Unity’s web site naming monsters such as Monster Hunter Portable 3rd‘s Jinouga and Black Tigrex. Weapon and armor models are also planned to be produced, with replicas of locales from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd planned as well, and more! Tournaments are also slated to take place in the Monster Hunter area, and since it’s bound to be packed with fans, four-player hunts will be extremely easy to organize.

You can check out the Monster Hunter section of the Universal Studios Japan web site here.

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  • SatsUlquiorra

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the end results of this, in my opinion, brilliant idea. Were it not for school and a lack of finances, I would be the first in line for this extravaganza.

    Even though the chances are slim to abyssmal, I wouldnt be too disappointed if America tried something like this. I’m sure a lot of Monster Hunter fans here in America(as well as other countries) wouldn’t mind having their picture taken with a life-size Silver Rathalos, Tigrex, Barroth, even riding a Great Jaggi. Not Agnaktor though, he’s ‘huff’.

    I think this theme park is going to take the phrase “Happy Hunting” to a whole new level.

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