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Easy Soul Gems in Skyrim: Filling Soul Gems With Companions

If you’ve played Skyrim you’ve probably realized the importance of filled soul gems, if not I’ll get you quickly up to speed. Soul gems are used to keep weapon enhancements charged and create enchanted weapons – which makes them one of the more useful commodities in the game.

But there’s a problem with soul gems, namely they are generally a pain in the ass to fill – or at least they were.

I found an unbelievably easy way to fill soul gems. The trick lies in properly using the “useless” companions that they toss you throughout the game.

Why companions? It’s simple really, when they use enchanted weapons they don’t drain the weapon’s charge. Since they don’t drain weapons with use they break the game in three important ways:

  1. You can maximize the duration of the Soul Trap effect. Normally when you enchant a weapon you have to find a practical balance between the number of charges and the duration of the spell cast by the weapon. With companions this is no longer an issue. It’s alright if the weapon only has one charge – they won’t ever use it.
  2. You don’t need to train Enchanting for this to work. Even if all you can build is a 1 second long single use enchanted weapon, it will still harvest souls at a rapid pace.
  3. You don’t need to change your tactics. The beauty of this trick is that you don’t need to do anything differently. Your companions will continue to collect souls regardless of your personal combat tactics – an unbelievable boon when those Greater Soul mobs are still difficult to tackle.


When attempting this please note that your companions will only fill gems that are in their inventory at the time of the kill and keep in mind that companions CAN die, so if they are holding your stock pile of soul gems make sure that you track down their corpse if you suddenly stop hearing the sound of their weapon being unsheathed.



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