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XBOX Dashboard Update Bug Fix

The new interface for the Xbox360 was just released and already we are receiving word of bugs.

If you can’t log in to Xbox Live you most likely haven’t agreed to the new terms and conditions yet – most likely because it hasn’t been presented to you yet. If this has happened to you you are probably receiving a message along the lines of:

You console can’t connect to Xbox LIVE. Select Test Connection to troubleshoot or try downloading your profile again.

To get back online continue to log in and out of Xbox Live until they allow you to accept the terms and conditions. Once you accept the terms and conditions you must log out and back in again. Let me clarify, it is not enough to log onto your profile off and on again repeatedly, you must manually log in to Xbox Live once you have already logged out and back in to your user profile.

If this doesn’t fix the problem for you or if you found a different solution please let us know.


UPDATE: 11:39 PM

My Xbox crashed after applying the Netflix update.The update booted me off line and I haven’t been able to log back in since. The above mentioned fix is now not working.


Looks like it is looking to be a Skyrim kind of night.



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