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Review: CTA Digital Nintendo 3DS Hand Grip

Review: CTA Digital Nintendo 3DS Hand Grip octaneblue

Manufacturer: CTA Digital
System(s): 3DS
Release Date: March 2011


Perfect (or close enough to it)

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With each Nintendo handheld, there is always a wealth of attachments, peripherals, and add-ons that eventually become available to it. One such product is the Nintendo 3DS Hand Grip, manufactured by CTA Digital. What this does is add console controller-like grips to the sides of the system, along with an optional stand. This rather simple 3DS product is not only extremely useful for players, but also very inexpensive.

3DS Hand Grip (Side)

The 3DS Hand Grip is a plastic peripheral that clips onto the back of the Nintendo 3DS. Adding or removing it is very simple, so this is not one of those peripherals that is a pain to deal with anytime you use it. The Hand Grip is very lightweight, so holding the 3DS with the Hand Grip doesn’t any noticeable weight. It is also very comfortable in your hands. Since it’s not that big, you can easily reach any of the buttons, the Circle Pad, the D-Pad, etc. I’ve play tested the Hand Grip on various titles such as Mario Kart 7, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, and Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, and I found it useful for all of them. Some games I found the grip way more useful for others though, particularly ones that I used for longer play sessions, like Mario Kart 7.

The stand that folds out is pretty useful. For instance, while a cut-scene is playing, or if you’re waiting for an online game to begin, you can fold out the stand to watch and wait while you can do something else. You can fold it out to some different angles to suit your viewing needs. It also can extend out, and it houses a slot to hold an SD Card. This is a nice touch, but what I would have liked to see is a slot to hold an additional game. This would have made the stand slightly wider, but that would not have been a problem since it’s not wide to begin with, and a game slot would have been more useful.

3DS Hand Grip (Back)

When I purchased the 3DS Hand Grip, I wanted something that would help with the 3DS hurting the palms of my hand after long play sessions with games like Mario Kart 7. The 3DS Hand Grip definitely succeeded in what I was looking for. This peripheral is simple, but extremely effective. And at $10, it’s very, very affordable as well.

You can purchase one from Amazon here.

+ Comfortable for long play sessions
+ Inexpensive
+ Useful stand
– SD Card slot could’ve been a Game Card one instead.

Score: 5 out of 5

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