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Review: Asura’s Wrath

Review: Asura’s Wrath idnthav1

Developer: CyberConnect2
Publisher: Capcom
System(s): Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Release Date: February 21, 2012



Just a quick heads up, this is my first review so I would enjoy a bit of constructive criticism as long as it will assist in providing better reviews for you the reader. Now just one more thing , after the given score a message will appear warning those who do NOT wish to spoil the storyline for themselves. I will only provide a BASIC outline of what the game will tell. The rest is up to you if you wish to purchase. Now onward to the review.

Players will take control of Asura (the main protagoist; hence the title of the game) and venture through 18 episodes each one between 20 and 30 minutes long if the player allows the cinematics to play out. Each episode is choreographer like an episode of an anime. An interactive anime if you will. The sole purpose of Asura is to rescue his captured Daughter.  The game oozes interludes. Between each episode the interludes are either explaining the story or show dialog between characters which are backed up with beautiful artwork by  Seiichiro Hosokawa, Satoshi Sakai, Fujihiko Sawai, Soichiro Iwasaki, Momoko Hirayama, Kaori Nishimura, Koto Sasao, Hiroshi Matsuyama, WAKA, Yoko Ishijima, and Yoshitaka Kinoshita complementing the event. Gameplay consists of cutscenes, quick time events, visual novel type sections, shoot-em up sequences and action gameplay all thriving attention.  The fights with the game’s bosses, your rival generals, are the real treat of the game.  Asura’s Wrath really exists on another level. The visual spectacle is something to behold as you fight it out with some planet-sized bosses, endless waves of enemies, bosses containing no actual health, but the goal to fill your gauge by pummeling them, then triggering your “Burst” to start the next section. An episode might start with a cutscene that moves into a shoot-em-up until you’ve filled your Burst gauge, then a quick time event transitions you into the action or some kind of mix of the three.

The graphics are absolutely amazing, I cannot express how great the graphics are through mere words. If you are going to play this game, I say go out and play this on HD or your best achievable quality. The art style they fuse into the characters just fantastic. I included a trailer after this review to somewhat show how the game looks. Basically, I’m saying it looks stunning.

Though the game is great, the replay value just isn’t too motivating, that is if you enjoy maxing out every score in a game. Most of the unlockables including: CG Art, Illustrations, Interludes & Cutscenes can be acheived in the first run through unless you want the “True” ending. The “True” ending requires an “S” rank in 6 episodes which I accidentally received.

Highly recommended for players truly interested in a game storyline heavy. Essentially its great game if you can accept the fact that it isn’t a “game” per-say but more of an interactive anime. Do I recommend a full $60 price, no. I will suggest picking it up after a price drop, about $30 or less will suffice, that said, I don’t regret buying it at all. This game is probably one of the only single-player games I would say to play around others, just for they can experience the full spectrum that is Asura’s Wrath.

Final Score: 4.5 out of 5

Also check out the Launch Trailer below to convince you a bit more.


Asura was one of the Eight Guardian Generals, godly warriors who fought to protect Gaea (Basically Earth) from the destructive force called the Gohma. The Gohma will be seen in numerous forms including: Gorillas, Elephants, Turtles, and Angler Fish. Returning from a victorious battle, Asura was summoned to the Emperor’s throne. To his horror, Asura finds the Emperor has been murdered and he has been accused of the crime. After escaping vengeful imperial forces, Asura rushes home to protect his family, to find his wife dead and his daughter, Mithra, kidnapped. In his rage, Asura finds his former allies who hold Mithra captive. As the god charges to save his child, Asura is repulsed by the god Deus, who reveals himself to be the Emperor’s murderer so he can bring about what he calls “The Great Rebirth”. Weakened by Deus’ attacks, Asura is dropped over the edge of the platform and falls to Earth while swearing to exact vengeance. Twelve thousand years later, Asura escapes from the depths of Naraka to find that his former comrades, now dubbed “The Seven Deities”, have been using Mithra’s power to amplify their own to god-like levels. During his quest for love and vengeance, Asura will confront and battle the forces of Heavens, packs of the Gohma, Divine Battleship fleets, and other tremendous obstacles.

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