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Playthrough: Sonic R

Sonic R (from Sonic Gems Collection)
Developer: Traveller’s Tales
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Saturn, PC, Gamecube/Playstation 2 (Sonic Gems Collection)
Release Date: October 31, 1997 (Sega Saturn), November 11, 1998 (PC), August 11, 2005 (Sonic Gems Collection)

Wow, Sonic r, a game that’s just okay to me, yet a fun part of my childhood. I will admit, the game has provided me and my friends hours and hours of entertainment as kids. And with such an amazing soundtrack featuring T.J. Davis and Richard Jacques, who can really complain? Well, the odd controls and track layouts are definitely fair complaints, but this is still a game that’s worth a couple of laughs with some friends.

That being said, I’m once again joined with Lionel (MusicJams18) to complete the game from scratch, which isn’t saying much since you can easily complete the game with one hundred percent in one sitting. This will be uploaded alongside the Knuckles portion of my Sonic 3 & Knuckles playthrough. You can check out part one below.

Yeah, this may have been a bad idea, but it’s too late now. So, if you wanna see more of this game (or get some free music), you can check out the playlist here. Since this is just a side playthrough, the videos won’t go live till one in the afternoon (eastern time). Anyway, hope you enjoy the watching the game! Or the music? Or maybe Lionel’s constant complaining? I’m sure you’ll get at least a laugh or two like I did.

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