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Published on September 5th, 2012 | by Duke091


Sonic Adventure 2 HD and NiGHTS into DREAMS… Going Digital In October

Sega released a trailer at PAX Prime, showcasing Sonic Adventure 2, NiGHTS into DREAMS…, and Jet Set Radio. All three of these titles will be remastered in HD, as well as have a couple of extra features, including interviews with the development team. Check out the video below.

Jet Set Radio has been re-confirmed for release later this year, while Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS into DREAMS… are confirmed for release in October. Being a big fan of Sega, I’m looking forward to downloading and playing all three of these games again. How about anyone else, looking forward to getting your hands on any of these titles?

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  • OceanOfStars3

    I plan to get Sonic Adventure 2,but I need to get Sonic Adventure 1 first. I need money though to get them. >.<

  • I’m definitely looking forward to Jet Set Radio HD. Possibly NiGHTS as well, since I only played that briefly on the Saturn a long time ago.

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