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Review: Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty

Review: Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty octaneblue

Developer: Sarbakan
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment
System(s): Android, iOS
Release Date: July 14, 2011 (iOS), July 22, 2011 (Android)



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The films that make up the Marvel Cinematic Universe are wildly successful, so it’s no surprise that Marvel licensed the films into video game adaptations for consoles and handhelds. And that leads to mobile versions for smartphones and tablets. Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty is one of those adaptations. Featuring a story by Marvel writers and a good amount of action, does the game bring the license to glory, or is this just another film-to-game failure?

With many adaptations on mobile devices, developers must come up with ways for their games to work without buttons or control pads/sticks. In Sentinel of Liberty, all actions are performed via swipes and taps on the touch screen. At its core, the game is a platformer, specifically the “infinite runner”-type, with beat-’em-up combat.

Swiping to the right makes Cap run right, and swiping to the left makes him move left. Swiping up makes him jump, swiping down makes him slide, and double tapping the screen causes him to stop. And those are your basic movements. The game includes several enemies, and those are dealt with swipes too. Swiping in their direction as Cap runs delivers a shield bash. Swiping repeatedly in front of them makes Cap beat them up with a flurry of strikes. And you’ll learn some more moves and combos along the way. You can also utilize the shield by tapping its icon in the bottom-right corner; this is used to stun enemies, break obstacles, and so on. There were times where some swipes didn’t perform the intended action, but for the way the game works, the controls work fine for the most part.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty

As Cap runs, you’ll jump and dodge over obstacles and beat up some baddies along the way. As you go through the levels, you’ll have to deal with a mix of a lot more platforming and more enemies fights. The game has a very fair curve in terms of difficulty, as it starts out easy but gets more difficult as you go along. Throughout each level are five HYDRA folders. Collecting all of them in each level unlocks goodies like comic covers and extra costumes, so it’s worth looking for them. Some are easy to find, and others require Cap to do lots of acrobatics to reach them. You’ll get a score at the end of each level based on how many enemies were defeated, objects destroyed, and collectibles found, so if you want to get high scores, you can challenge yourself with that too. There are 3 areas in the game, with eight levels each. All of the levels look different, and progressively get lengthier as you go on, but the levels in each area share too much of a similar appearance. So you’ll be seeing the same backdrop a lot, until you move onto the next set.

There’s some voice acting in the game, mostly with Captain America talking to himself, Agent Carter, or taunting enemies. He doesn’t really sound like Chris Evans, but he gets the job done. The main problem here is that he ends up saying a LOT of the same phrases over and over again, so be prepared for that. The graphics in the game are pretty decent; Cap in particular looks pretty good and has some pretty cool attack animations.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty

For 99 cents, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty is worth downloading. It’s a pretty fun platformer with a simple premise that’s easy for anyone to get into. It’s surprisingly lengthy too; the whole thing will take a few hours to beat, especially if you’re collecting everything. If you’re looking for a good time-killer on your smartphone or tablet, check this one out.

+ Easy-to-learn gameplay
+ Good graphics
+ Lots of collectibles
– Repetitive sound
– Controls aren’t 100% accurate
– Bland environments

Final score: 3.75 out of 5

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