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Published on October 29th, 2012 | by Duke091


Playthrough: NiGHTS into Dreams…

NiGHTS into Dreams…
Developer: Sonic Team, Sega Studio China (PlayStation 2 port)
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Sega Saturn, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade, PC
Release Date(s): July 5, 1996 (Sega Saturn, Japan), August 31, 1996 (Sega Saturn, North America), October 7, 1996 (Sega Saturn, Europe), February 21, 2008 (PlayStation 2, Japan only), October 2, 2012 (PlayStation Network and Microsoft Windows, North America), October 3, 2012 (PlayStation Network, Europe), October 4, 2012 (PlayStation Network, Japan), October 5, 2012 (Xbox LIVE Arcade)

A classic and underrated gem from Sonic Team, NiGHTS into Dreams… is on-rails platformer, but not in the form of the iconic blue hedgehog. Here you take control of a flying purple jester, and travel through the dream world known as Nightopia with two children, Elliot Edwards and Claris Sinclair, in order to stop nightmares from taking over the real world. Each of the children have a set of ideyas, which, Wiseman the Wicked, the creator of all Nightmaren, including Nights; needs in order to escape into the real world. Rebelling against his creator, Nights decides to aid the children in order to stop Wiseman, as well as help the two with their recent lack of confidence.

As many of you know, Nights into Dreams… has been an exclusive title for the Sega Saturn since 1994 for years, with a PlayStation 2 port only available in Japan. The game now has an HD makeover, and available on PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade, and PC, giving those who never played the original (myself included), a chance to try out this fantastic game.

For this playthrough, I’ll be playing the game on my PlayStation 3, going through the entirety of the game, including the expansion, Christmas NiGHTS. The latter will be shown separately from the main game, and that will be explained towards the end of the playthrough. Below I have part one of my playthrough, and for more on this game, you can check out the playlist on my channel. I hope everyone enjoys the playthough!

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