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Published on October 1st, 2012 | by Duke091


Review: Rayman Jungle Run

Review: Rayman Jungle Run Duke091

Developer(s): Ubisoft Montpillier, Pastagames, DotEmu (Android only)
Publisher: Ubisoft
System(s): Android, iOS
Release Date(s): September 18, 2012 (iTunes), September 27, 2012 (Google Play)


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After a handful of Raving Rabbids spin-offs, Ubisoft returns their limbless hero to the platform genre, with the release of Rayman Origins last year. The game has you running through exotic and goofy locations, collecting yellow lums, and beating up enemies. With Rayman Jungle Run, we get a smaller game based on last year’s console release, with a little twist to how it’s played. So, is this game worth downloading onto your mobile device?

The levels in Rayman Jungle Run are all based on ones found in Rayman Origins. All the areas are beautifully hand-drawn, and the character animations look great. Though there are only a handful of musical tracks from Origins, it all sounds fantastic. With the exception of a few levels, the music that plays is completely random. It would be great to choose which track plays during your game, but it’s nothing that takes away from the overall enjoyment of the game.

The game has a simple goal: run from point A to point B. Rayman himself automatically runs forward, with you tapping on-screen to perform various actions. The actions that are available for use depends on what level set you’re in. There are forty levels in all, which are divided into four categories: Jump, Fly, Wall Run, and Punch. Throughout each level there are 100 lums you can collect, and if you do manage to collect them all, you are awarded a skull tooth. By collecting five in each set, you gain access to a level based on The Land of the Livid Dead. In these extra levels, there are no lums to collect, and are much more difficult to complete. The game starts off with simple design, but as you progress and unlock more levels, you’ll come across branching pathways. For the most part, the game plays fine, and controls are simple and responsive. The frame rate, however, is a different story.

Depending on what device you use, your game will vary in performance. With some devices, the game runs at a smooth rate and plays just like Rayman Origins. With others, the frame rate can drop periodically, especially when there are so many animations occurring at once. Another problem that I’ve come across is that the game sometimes doesn’t detect that I’ve collected everything. What this means is that even if I do collect all the lums in a level, it may not reward me accordingly. Aside from collecting skull teeth, the only thing extra you get is some wallpaper for your device. If you are coming across the same problem as I am, you’re not missing out on much, and there’s always the possibility of an update being released to fix the glitch.

If you’re looking for a fun game on the go, Rayman Jungle Run is definitely a great choice. If you’ve played Rayman Origins, you’ll definitely enjoy how they incorporated elements from that game into here, such as the artistic style, moves, and personality. There are a few problems here and there, which mainly depends on what mobile device you use, but it doesn’t take away from the fun. Getting forty levels for only $3 is quite a deal, and any fan of the Rayman series should definitely give this game a try.

+ Goofy yet fantastic music
+ Beautiful art style
+ Easy controls
– Frame rate drops during complicated levels

Final score: 4 out of 5

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