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Playthrough: Ristar

Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Genesis, Game Gear, GameCube (Sonic Mega Collection), Wii (Virtual Console), PlayStation 2/Xbox (Sonic Mega Collection Plus/Sega Genesis Collection), PC, PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 (Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection)
Release Date(s): February 16, 1995 (Genesis/Game Gear), November 10, 2002 (Sonic Mega Collection), November 2, 2004 (Sonic Mega Collection Plus), November 16, 2006 (Sega Genesis Collection), December 4, 2006 (Wii Virtual Console), March 9, 2007 (Sonic Mega Collection Plus), February 10, 2009 (Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection), September 13, 2010 (Steam)

Poor Ristar, your game debut was at such a bad time; during the transition from the Sega Genesis to the Sega Saturn. Many people completely ignored or never heard of the game, myself included, until it was released on future consoles. In fact, Ristar, the main character, has made a handful of cameos in other games, but has never starred in another game himself. Though the game does have a fan-base, it’s still very underrated.

The game has you playing as a living shooting star, traveling from planet to planet in order to stop Kaiser Greedy, a space pirate who has kidnapped Ristar’s father and creates havoc wherever he goes. Ristar himself can stretch his arms out to take down enemies, grab ledges, etc. Also, he can shoot himself off like a comet to cover long distances and smash through objects. Below I have part one of my playthrough.

For more on this playthrough, you can check out the playlist here. Hope you enjoy!

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