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Review: Jett Rocket

Review: Jett Rocket octaneblue

Developer: Shin'en Multimedia
Publisher: Shin'en Multimedia
System(s): WiiWare
Release Date: June 28, 2010



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Shin’en Multimedia is a mostly under-the-radar developer, developing titles for Nintendo consoles and handhelds. With the release of the Wii and the advent of the WiiWare download service, Shin’en released games such as Fun! Fun! Minigolf and Art of Balance. In 2010, the developer released Jett Rocket, a platformer title exclusive to WiiWare. Is this title worth a download, or is it one you should skip?

Jett Rocket is a Planetary Inspector, patrolling the skies in his patrol hub. One day, he is attacked by an evil robot, and it turns out that it belongs to the evil Power Plant Posse. It’s up to Jett to destroy the army and save the kingdom of Yoroppa.

As you step into the first level, you’ll likely notice how good this game looks. The graphics of Jett Rocket look better than some of the retail games out there for the Wii. And there’s some cool effects added to the game too, such as lens flare. It’s a very pretty game overall. Sound-wise, the game features some nice music that fits in with each of the levels. The same cannot be said for the voice acting, though. While most of the game’s conversations take place in speech bubbles, the few times where voice acting pops up, it’s cringe-inducing and laughably bad.

At its core, Jett Rocket is a mostly standard platforming title. In each of the levels, the main objective is to open up the exit, which usually involves performing some other tasks beforehand, such as destroying the field around it. Each level has an amount of solar cells to collect and, while not required, you’ll need to collect these for 100% completion. Some of them are hidden pretty well too. The game does add variety by adding additional vehicles and items to use, such as a paraglider, jet ski, and hoverboard. These are actually pretty fun to use.

Jett has a jetpack in which you can boost yourself up to higher ground or hover across areas. This jetpack needs fuel, but there are refueling stations scattered throughout each level. Combat is pretty basic and easy to learn. Jett has a rolling attack, which is done by shaking the Wii Remote. If Jett jumps in the air, you can do a downward dash that slams him into the ground. Both of these attacks are essential for defeating the game’s enemies and breaking down some barriers. The enemies in the game aren’t very threatening; most can be defeated in a hit or two.

Jett Rocket

While the game ramps up in difficulty as it goes along, overall it’s still pretty easy, especially for those who’ve played plenty of prior platforming titles. There are a few challenging sections here though, but the final boss is ridiculously easy.

There are three worlds in the game, with four levels each, and a final boss level too. If you’re gathering all of the collectibles in the levels, it will take around 10-20 minutes to fully complete each level. The game takes about three hours to complete, even factoring the collection of all the items and the game’s achievement system. So needless to say, Jett Rocket is very much on the short side.

Jett Rocket

Jett Rocket, while very short, is actually fun while it lasts. There’s not much challenge in the game though, and it doesn’t really stand out much from other platformers. But if you’re looking for a decent downloadable platformer on the Wii, check out Jett Rocket.

+ Graphics are nice for a WiiWare game
+ Great soundtrack
+ Controls are easy to learn
– Extremely short
– Too easy
– Doesn’t really stand out

Final score: 3.75 out of 5

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  • DaemonDD

    I remember when you uploaded the walkthrough of that game. In all honesty, those videos proved that I wouldn’t be very interested in the game, but the walkthrough itself was very entertaining.

    I truly cannot help to compare the graphics of the game to Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. It seems just as shiny and colourful, plus the captain’s body is rather similar to Mario’s.

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