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Published on December 24th, 2012 | by Duke091


Rayman Jungle Run Update

An update for Rayman Jungle Run has been released, with a few pros and cons. With the update, you gain access to a new set of ten levels, titled Potpourri; nine regular levels and a Land of the Livid Dead challenge. There are some new gimmicks mixed into the level design such as sliding on water and hitting plants to create platforms.

Other extras include some new wallpaper unlocked after collecting enough yellow lums, and bonus characters. The latter can be bought in-app for 99¢, but they’re nothing special. The Hero pack contains Globox and and re-skinned Rayman characters, which all play the exact same as regular Rayman. It’s optional though, so you’re not missing out on much.

The soundtrack also got updated, with two new tracks that randomly play during the levels. The frame rate got improved as well; I experienced little to no lag in the more visually busy levels.

I would say go ahead and download the update, which is free for anyone that already owns the game. There’s one major problem in doing so however, for Android users. Once you update the game, all of your saved data will be erased. Obviously this means you will have to replay all the levels to collect all the lums and skull teeth, and this will no doubt upset players.

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  • Just downloaded the update on my phone. That sucks about the data wipe, but I like the game enough that I’d go through all the previously-beaten levels again.

    • True enough; I haven’t gotten all the skull teeth in my second run, but just enough to where I could play the Land of the Livid Dead levels. The Potpourri levels present quite a challenge when trying to collect everything, but the levels are all nicely designed around the new gimmicks. I think the update was definitely worth it.

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