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Review: Crashmo

Review: Crashmo Dembonez19

Developer: Intelligent Systems Co. Ltd.
Publisher: Nintendo
System: 3DS eShop
Release Date: November 22, 2012



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Pushmo was a smart, unexpected surprise to find in the eShop of the Nintendo 3DS in 2011. Almost a full year later, Crashmo dropped in to prove that it had even more to offer. Was the idea built upon, or did the sequel simply collapse?

Enough with the building jokes. Crashmo (Fallblox in PAL regions) is a fun game to play with an all new way of completing puzzles. Instead of pushing colored sections of the blocks in and out like in Pushmo, the blocks can now be pushed all the way out to crash onto the surface below and moved anywhere within the allotted area. This time, the puzzles often end up looking nothing like how they appeared in the beginning.

With the new fully 3D environments and a new way to play, some of the extra game elements have changed as well. New items have been included like doors and move switches among other new additions that allow you to move around and also move blocks around in ways that you couldn’t in Pushmo. However, old additions like the ladders have returned as well making each puzzle that much more unique. The camera has also changed giving you the ability to view a puzzle from all horizontal angles.

From game to game, the difficulty has increased dramatically. Even 2-star puzzles could be stumpers the first time playing them. Even worse, the crashing of the blocks could ultimately force you to have to restart a level. In Pushmo, it was often merely a case of retracing your steps to finally figure out what you needed to do to solve a puzzle. With Crashmo, you could wind up almost finished just to find out that one block is not in the right spot and have to restart all over again. Then again, for everything else, there is always the rewind button.

In that respect, the game feels overcomplicated, and it would have been nice to have Papa Blox available at all times just in case players needed a hint or two while solving one of the many difficult puzzles. There is a practice area to become more well-adjusted to the different types of levels Crashmo’s main game contains, but they are nothing compared to the mind-twisting puzzles within some of the levels.

The ability to create puzzles in Papa Blox’s workshop has also returned, and it has become slightly more complicated as well. It takes more trial and error to tell if a puzzle will actually work. It takes a much greater deal of time to create a complex puzzle than it did in Pushmo. On the plus side, the goal can be placed anywhere. If you aren’t into creating puzzles yourself players from all around have created Crashmo levels for others to use, so if you are looking for something different, take out the QR scanner and give a custom puzzle a try.

At the end of the day, however, Crashmo is not a bad game. Any player who takes their time to solve the puzzles will eventually succeed, and with this being as casual a game as it is, it is great for whenever you need to kill some time without being sidetracked by stories, dialogue, and cut-scenes.

+ Great time killer
+ 360 rotation
+ Shareable custom puzzles through the QR reader
– Overcomplicated
– Odd difficulty spikes

Final score: 3.25 out of 5

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