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Review: Gunman Clive

Review: Gunman Clive octaneblue

Developer(s): Hörberg Productions
Publisher(s): Hörberg Productions
System(s): Android, iOS, PC, 3DS eShop
Release Date(s): April 3, 2012 (Android, iOS, PC), January 3, 2013 (3DS eShop)


Very Good

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Gunman Clive is an old school-inspired run-and-gun platformer that debuted on Android and iOS devices, as well as the PC. It very recently made its way onto the 3DS eShop. In addition to the aforementioned gameplay, Gunman Clive also features a unique visual style and fantastic soundtrack. If you’re into this gameplay type, for only $1.99, you can’t go wrong with this one!

With graphics similar to drawings out of a sketchbook, the visuals of Gunman Clive are very unique compared to other games in its genre. Supporting the 3D functionality of the 3DS, the graphics are very pleasing to the eye; turning the 3D effect up all the way is recommended. While the 3D effect doesn’t add anything to the gameplay, it’s still fun to have on during the game. The soundtrack of the game features western-tinged ambient electronic tracks. It may sound a bit odd on the surface, because generally these kind of games feature a faster-paced soundtrack, but the tunes found in the game actually fit well with it.

Gunman Clive is probably compared to the NES-era Mega Man games often, in terms of its gameplay. And that comparison is actually accurate. The game involves getting from the starting point of the stage to the end, shooting enemies and jumping across platforms along the way. Of course, it’s not always as simple as it seems; the stage design is very cool and varied, featuring sections such as a mine cart ride, as well as big boss battles. The boss battles in the game require some quick timing and memorization of their respective attack patterns, and they’re definitely fun.

Gunman Clive

As you make your way through the levels, you’ll occasionally come across different guns. The standard gun just shoots standard bullets, but the other guns in the game includes a spread-type gun, a gun that shoots larger bullets, and another that shoots bullets that track targets. If you get hit by an enemy or if Clive gets killed, the gun reverts to the default one. And speaking of getting hit, Gunman Clive features a life meter. If it’s depleted, you’ll start back from the last checkpoint, but pieces of cake can sometimes be found, restoring some health. The game does get difficult at times, and it spikes a bit toward the final stretch, but it’s not to the point of frustration. If Clive dies, you do have to start back at the beginning of the stage (except for boss fights). Because of this, you’ll have to remember the stage patterns and enemy placements.

There are three difficulty levels to choose from, so if you’ve cleared an easier one, you can move onto the more difficult one. The game is on the short side, taking only about an hour or so to beat the game’s 20 stages the first time through. Besides Clive, you can choose to play as Ms. Johnson, the damsel-in-distress, that plays slightly differently than Clive. Interestingly enough, when playing as Ms. Johnson, her and Clive’s roles are swapped. Once you clear the game for the first time, you’ll unlock a bizarre alternate mode that plays very differently from the main game.

Gunman Clive

At only $1.99, Gunman Clive is a great shooter/platformer for your 3DS or smart phone. It may not be a particularly lengthy title, but you’ll have a blast the entire time. Check it out!

+ Great price
+ Fun gameplay
+ Nice visual style and soundtrack
– Short length

Final score: 4.25 out of 5

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