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Published on February 25th, 2013 | by Duke091


Keep Skullgirls Growing Project

Lab Zero Games, the developers behind the downloadable fighter Skullgirls, has had it rough since the whole team was laid off. However, that doesn’t mean the team has given up, and in fact, have been hard at work on expanding the game.

A new character, Squigly, has been announced as a DLC character, but due to the current situation of the development team, they need a little help. At the moment, an event called Keep Skullgirls Growing is active in order to raise funds for the DLC. If they do reach their goal, the character will be available in the future for free.

The project has raised quite a bit of money, having about 75% of what they need to fully fund the DLC. If you’re interested in donating, want more details, or just curious as to what the character is all about, you can click here.

EDIT: Lab Zero Games has reached their goal of raising $150K. Donations will still be accepted in order to fund more content for the game if possible.

EDIT: Lab Zero Games has received enough funds to create another stage, as well as a story mode for Squigly.

EDIT: The event has raised a little over $375,000; which means the first male character, Big Band, will be released as a DLC character in the future.

EDIT: $400,000 has been raised in total, which means Big Band will also have his own stage and story. More voices are also planned for the announcer as well.

EDIT: More than $600,000 has been raised by the event now, which means a third character will be added as DLC. Those that have donated can vote for the character they’d like to be added, and if you would still like to make a donation you have till Wednesday night to do so. For those that have already donated, you can check the list of possible characters in the link posted above.

EDIT: The event has raised over $625,000, which means that the third mystery character will receive a stage and story.

EDIT: The event has earned over $750,000. The Robo-Fortune voice pack that was originally going to be added at this point has been upgraded to a full DLC character, as well as her own stage and story.

EDIT: At the last minute, the event reached $825,000, which is enough to fund yet another DLC character. The event is officially closed.

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