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Review: Anarchy Reigns

Review: Anarchy Reigns idnthav1

Developer: Platinum Games
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Playstation 3, Xbox 360
Release Date(s): July 5, 2012 (Japan), January 8, 2013 (North America), January 10, 2013 (Australia), January 11, 2013 (Europe)


Very Good

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The story begins in the ruined city of Altanbra with Jack Cayman (Main character of the 2009 Wii game MadWorld) and Leo Victorion a “cop” of the post-apocalyptic times. The story is set up to give the player a choice to begin with either Jack’s or Leo’s side of the story in-search for the fugitive Maximillian Caxton ( Jack’s assigned target and Leo’s mentor) ultimately becoming one story towards the end, crossing paths along the way.

Jack Cayman is ex-military special forces, an expert many forms of combat and an infamous Chaser. The Chasers are an organization that take over police work they are unable to handle: Kidnappings, disappearances, and fugitive apprehension…

Leonhardt Victorion (Leo) an agent of the Strike One task force, an elite detachment of the Milvallen Ministry of Justices’s Bureau of Public Safety High Crimes Division. Widely known as the best at BPS’ Cybrid Arts.

Giant hub worlds will be set where you travel to missions with infinitely spawning enemies; easily avoidable and consisting of 6 scattered missions in each world. 3 of which are story plot points, the 3rd usually being a boss fight and the final mission before continuing. The other 3 are simple beat-em-ups (most of the missions), a quick race through check points, and the occasional escort mission. The other 3 missions just seem to be time fillers. With the various locations they tend to keep them fresh each time. Missions end with a score of bronze, silver, gold or platinum skull, depending on how well you did. (It is pretty easy to get get gold or higher on boss fights, but a few missions that will frustrate.)


As you continue, you will encounter the other fighters available to use in multiplayer, each with their own unique personality and appearance. There will be instances where the other characters will come to assist Jack or Leo in defeating enemies or a boss. The feature Platinum so kindly added was that you can choose between Jack/Leo and your partner(s) to experience their fighting style and weapons.

The only downside I can really think of for this game was that a few missions become extremely difficult; either to finish in the amount of time or you get killed by the massive monsters. This one is more of a personal gripe, I don’t really expect people to care for this because of what kind of game this is but, I would have enjoyed character backgrounds. The backgrounds were set only for Jack and Leo, which is understandable. I would have just appreciated the other characters more if their stories were explained; why they do what they do etc. etc. Again, this is a personal gripe but for a spectacle, bloody, beat-em-up game like this; I didn’t really mind it much.

There is are multiplayer modes, BUT I have yet to try any of them (…..sorry) which includes: Tag Team, Battle Royale, Death Match, Capture the Flag, Survival and the unique Deathball.  To buy a game that is based on multiplayer modes and only do the campaign… tsk tsk.

The characters available to play besides Jack and Leo are: Ai Rin, Baron, Big Bull, Douglas, Durga, Fei Rin, Gargoyle, Garuda, Mathilda, Max, Nikolai, Oinkie, Sasha, and Zero. For those who pre-ordered Anarchy Reigns recieved Bayonetta as a DLC character. Nothing is known if she will be available for purchase.


Final Thoughts:
Anarchy Reigns is a great game overall, great combat for those newer to the beat-em-up scene or veterans who can pull off some crazy combos. For the bargain price of $30.00 USD, this game was extremely worth it. The ridiculously colorful combat and eccentric cast of characters, Anarchy Reigns offers a character for everyone to enjoy kicking ass. (My personal favorite is Sasha) (P.S. it’s the hottie in the image above. *wink*)

Final Score: 4 out of 5

Check out the story trailer for Anarchy Reigns below.

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