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Published on February 8th, 2013 | by octaneblue


Review: Little Inferno

Review: Little Inferno octaneblue

Developer(s): Tomorrow Corporation
Publisher(s): Tomorrow Corporation
System(s): Wii U eShop, PC, iOS
Release Date(s): November 18, 2012 (Wii U eShop), November 19, 2012 (PC), January 31, 2013 (iOS)



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Want to play with fire? That’s what Little Inferno is all about. The game has no score, points, or timer — and it even tells you this at the beginning. It’s just all about buying objects and burning ’em. It’s definitely a different kind of game, but Little Inferno is definitely worth checking out.

The core gameplay of Little Inferno is all about burning objects inside the Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace. These are purchased through catalogs that contain a variety of things to burn, which are then delivered to your place after a specific amount of time. All you have to do is drag them into the fireplace with your GamePad stylus (or Wii Remote), point and hold the object to light it up, and then watch it burn. Some of the objects are rather basic, like an alarm clock, eggs, a picture, etc. But then you move onto crazier objects like a mini moon, a small nuke, and an internet cloud – just to name a few. What’s interesting is that, upon burning them, the objects can create certain effects. For instance, burning marshmallows might seem normal, but once you light them up, eyes sprout out of them and they go insane. The “Game Bush” generates Duck Hunt-type pixel ducks that you can shoot down. Seeing the effects of all the objects is definitely entertaining.

Purchasing the objects requires coins. Burning objects drops coins for you, as do random spiders and insects that drop in on the fireplace. Purchasing all the objects in a catalog unlocks a new one that you can buy, and you can see even more items to burn. Combos are available by burning 2-3 specific objects that creates a bonus; a combo list is available to check at any time on the top-right corner of the screen. For instance, the “Bike Pirate” combo consists of burning the wooden bike and pirate doll simultaneously. Combos gives you more coins and vouchers, which speeds up the delivery time for objects to mere seconds. And that’s the gist of the game. The only flaw here is when you run out of vouchers and/or coins, you’ll have to resort to waiting for more of either object, and there will be nothing to do. It doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does, you’ll crave more things to burn. The premise behind Little Inferno is a simple one, but one that’s highly addicting. The combo system adds a puzzle-like element into the game, as your only clue to the specific combos is the name of it.

Little Inferno

For a game about burning objects, it seems like a storyline would be a bit out-of-place. But the way it plays out is highly intriguing. As you play through the game, you’ll get letters from 3 different people: a neighbor that also has a Little Inferno, the owner of Tomorrow Corporation, which are the makers of Little Inferno, and a weatherman. The story unfolds through these letters (which you can burn after reading!), and once you’ve bought and burned all the items in each of the catalogs in the game, you’ll leave the fireplace and control the protagonist as you interact with some NPCs and resolve the storyline.

The graphics of the game are pretty decent, with the more dazzling effects coming from the fires and special effects from certain objects. The soundtrack is laregly minimal, mostly coming into play during the last part of the game when you’re exploring the city. Little Inferno can take up to 3 hours to complete the first time through, but it will take more time to go through if you’re attempting to complete all 99 Combos in the game.

Little Inferno

The premise behind Little Inferno is simple, but it’s entertaining, memorable, and is definitely one of the best experiences gamers can get right now on the Wii U. Admittedly, however, this title is not for everyone. But if you’re looking for a game that gives you an original experience, set up your Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace today and have some fun!

Little Inferno

+ Burning objects!
+ Easy to learn
+ Intriguing storyline
– Waiting for more money/vouchers

Final score: 4.5 out of 5

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