PlayStation Portable Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

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Playthrough: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
Developer(s): Square Enix Product and Development Division 5
Publisher: Square Enix
System: PlayStation Portable
Release Date(s): January 9, 2010 (Japan), September 7, 2010 (North America), September 10, 2010 (Europe and Australia), January 20, 2011 (International)

Kingdom Hearts is a franchise that brings Disney and Square Enix characters together in a very charming way. The main focus of the franchise follows an original character, Sora, as he travels across many Disney themed worlds in order to find his friends, and ultimately face off against the forces that threaten the balance of darkness and light. However, there is a story that took place before Sora became a Keyblade Wielder.

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is a prequel to the original Kingdom Hearts, taking place almost ten years prior. The story follows Terra, Ventus, and Aqua, three young Keyblade Wielders traveling across various worlds looking for Master Xehanort, and fighting off mysterious enemies called Unversed. You can choose to play as any three of them through their own scenario, and only by completing all three scenarios will you get the full story of what happened before the first game.

For this playthrough, I’ll obviously play through each scenario, but I’ll show everything in a different manner. Below is part 1, where I give a more detailed explanation of the game and how I’ll be approaching it.

Since there will be little to no commentary from me throughout this project, feel free to ask me any questions about the game in the comments section of the videos. You can view the entire playlist as parts go live here.

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