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Review: Mighty Switch Force! 2

Review: Mighty Switch Force! 2 Duke091

Developer: WayForward Technologies
Publisher: WayForward Technologies
System: Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo eShop)
Release Date(s): June 13, 2013 (North America), June 27, 2013 (United Kingdom)


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Patricia Wagon is back in action with Mighty Switch Force! 2, the sequel to 2011’s Mighty Switch Force!. This time around Patricia, along with Corporal Gendarmor and Ugly Twitching Dog, are called in by the Galactic Fire Brigade of Planet Land in order to stop a raging fire from engulfing the place. With the Infinity Dousing Apparatus, it’s up to you to save the reformed Hooligan Sisters and douse the flames.

That’s right, instead of being equipped with the Pellet Shooter from the first game, you use the Infinity Dousing Apparatus in order to take out enemies, solve puzzles, and get rid of fires. What’s different with this accessory is instead of simply pressing the button to fire, holding the Y button affects the pressure and how far your water stream will blast out. Holding the button down is better suited for targets far away, while rapidly tapping the button will make it easier for you to clear anything directly in front of you. Compared to the Pellet Shooter, the Infinity Dousing Apparatus is just more fun to use since you have a since of control over it.

Making a return is the Siren Helmet, which allows to switch block positions. You can walk through anything that is phased out, and when solid, you can do a multitude of things depending on the type of block. Returning from Mighty Switch Force! are launch blocks, which can shoot you and any enemy in a straight shot, as well as blocks that won’t switch when standing on top of them. New types of objects that can switch are pipes, which allow you to shoot water through a curved path in order to clear obstacles and take out enemies out of reach. What I really enjoy about these different blocks is that they don’t necessarily have to be used for one specific purpose, and with a little experimentation and creativity, can greatly cut down your times for completing the levels.

Mighty Switch Force! 2

The level layouts vary, but your objective is the same throughout the game. In each level you need to find the five Hooligan Sisters, and then complete the level by making your way to Corporal Gendarmar. Along with Par times for you to beat, there is a hidden baby for you to save, and though this gives players a little more to do than the first game, it’s still a short experience overall.

A major improvement over the first game is the flow of difficulty. Instead of later levels having random difficulty spikes, the game will get progressively harder as you blaze through them (no pun intended), however, the same difficulty can push new players away. There are times where the game relies on trial and error, so expect to die quite a bit on your first run through. The more you experiment with when and where to switch and how you use your dousing apparatus will get easier with practice obviously, but your first time through will be rough.

Mighty Switch Force! 2 Puzzle

Visually Mighty Switch Force! 2 is based on the same art style of the first game, but with a bit more detail. Every character’s sprite animations are extremely fluid, and just entertaining to watch depending on what’s happening. They’re small details that you probably won’t give a second thought to when playing the game, but they’re great nonetheless.

The gameplay is what really matters in the end, but that’s just one of two things I was looking forward to for Mighty Switch Force! 2. The soundtrack from the first game was so energetic and memorable, and I found myself listening to it outside of the game almost everyday. For this game, Jake Kaufman, the composer of this and other games by WayForward Technologies, creates another amazing soundtrack that fits the game perfectly with it’s funky and high-energy sound. If you’d like to hear more of Jake Kaufman’s work, you can visit his website here.

Mighty Switch Force! 2 Water Puzzle

As much as I love Mighty Switch Force! 2, it’s not for everyone. Those who played Mighty Switch Force!, or just enjoy games by WayForward Technologies in general will have a lot of fun with this title. The gameplay is improved, and the difficulty is spread out better than it’s predecessor. However, the difficulty can easily turn new players away, and there’s not much in terms of gameplay length. Aside from those two complaints, it’s a fantastic download for the Nintendo 3DS, and a worthy sequel to Patricia Wagon’s first adventure.

+ Amazing visuals and soundtrack
+ Balanced difficulty curve
+ Beating PAR times is still addicting
+ Creative puzzles and use of the Dousing Apparatus
– Difficulty can turn players off

Final score: 5 out of 5

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