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Published on August 27th, 2013 | by octaneblue


Review: Bike Rider DX

Review: Bike Rider DX octaneblue

Developer(s): Lireneosoft
Publisher: Spicysoft
System(s): iOS, Android, PlayStation Mobile (PlayStation Vita), 3DS eShop
Release Date: May 14, 2012 (iOS), August 26, 2012 (Android), June 26, 2013 (PS Mobile), August 1, 2013 (3DS eShop)


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An infinite biking platformer originally released on mobile devices, Bike Rider DX, now on the 3DS eShop, takes mountain biking to a whole new level. Featuring cliff hopping, medal collecting, and power-ups, the action can get pretty intense. Is this an 3DS eShop title that’s worth downloading? Read on for the full review of Bike Rider DX!

The main goal of Bike Rider DX is to get from the starting point to the goal at the end. Along the way, you’ll have to jump over several gaps in the tracks, successfully landing on solid ground to avoid falling to your death. The first few levels are pretty tame, and help you get a feel of the gameplay. But as you go through the levels, there are some really tricky jumps that you’ll have to make. They’ll involve one or more very tiny strips of land that you must land on perfectly – otherwise, you’ll fall off immediately.

The game controls very easily, so much that you’ll get a good feel for the controls after the first level. The A button jumps, while moving the Circle or Control Pad forward accelerates and moving it back causes you to slow down a bit. The biker has the ability to double-jump, which is simply done by hitting the A button again while in the air. Speeding up and slowing down will help out with some of the trickier jumps to make. You’ll occasionally come across jewels in some levels – these serve as the game’s power-ups. Some will give you a speed boost, some will allow you to jump in the air multiple times, and some allow you to float longer distances via a hang glider.

Bike Rider DX

The main edge the game has on the 3DS compared to mobile devices is that you can use the Circle Pad or Control Pad and a button instead of touch screen controls. The tighter controls provided by the 3DS is extremely helpful in the later, more difficult levels that require much more precision. And the accuracy of the controls on the 3DS compared to touch screen movements are much better.

The graphics and presentation of the game are mostly plain. The backgrounds are nice, but other than that, there’s not much to look at, and the 3D effect of the 3DS is barely noticeable. The bottom screen displays some tips between loading times, and during gameplay it shows the controls, and that’s it. A map, stats, or a progress bar would’ve been way better to display on the bottom screen. Overall, the game makes very little use of the 3DS hardware. The soundtrack of the game is absolutely fantastic, and it’s definitely one of the best features of it. Composed by SUPER SWEEP, with some contributions from DJ Ram Rider, the tracks of the game are mostly electronic/techno based. The songs are catchy and are very fitting to the “extreme” nature of the game overall.

Bike Rider DX

Bike Rider DX features two modes: World Tour and Grand Prix. The World Tour mode contains 10 worlds with 5 levels each. Going through all 50 levels takes a few hours at most, since most of the levels are fairly short. But the later levels are very difficult, so they’ll definitely take more time. Each level contains 3 gold medals that can be collected, and there’s definitely an incentive for collecting them too. Grabbing all of them unlocks Ram Rider. Some of the medals are really tough to obtain, so if you’re going for all of them, collecting those will definitely add some replay value here. There are also awards, which are basically this game’s achievement system. If you’re a completionist, unlocking all of these will certainly take a lot of time too. The second mode, Grand Prix, is an endless mode that keeps track of your top 10 scores. There’s a normal and hard mode to choose from. Nabbing a high score is actually pretty addictive, but the scores are only stored on your 3DS, so unfortunately there’s no way to share them with friends wirelessly or via online leaderboards.

At $5.99, Bike Rider DX is priced fairly low, considering how much content is packed into the game. However, it is worth noting that the same game on mobile devices is much cheaper; it’s only 99 cents on the Apple App Store. It’s worth the price on the 3DS, but that’s a pretty big price difference. If you don’t mind the lack of buttons and want to save a few bucks, the game likely plays similarly on mobile platforms.

Bike Rider DX

While it may not be the flashiest game out there, nor does it take advantage of the 3DS hardware much, Bike Rider DX is nevertheless a surprisingly enjoyable title with easy controls, an awesome soundtrack, and plenty of levels and content. It’s a great time-killer that’s worth checking out.

+ Gameplay & controls are very easy to learn
+ Amazing soundtrack
+ Lots of levels
– Much higher price on 3DS compared to mobile versions
– Makes little use of 3DS hardware

Final score: 4 out of 5

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