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Published on September 6th, 2013 | by octaneblue


Review: Kung Fu Rabbit

Review: Kung Fu Rabbit octaneblue

Developer(s): cTools Studio, Cazap
Publisher: Neko Entertainment
System: iOS, Android, Wii U eShop, PlayStation Vita
Release Date: March 15, 2013 (iOS), November 12, 2013 (Android), May 2, 2013 (Wii U eShop), July 2, 2013 (PlayStation Vita)



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Starting out as a platformer developed for mobile devices, Kung Fu Rabbit has made its way to the Wii U eShop. This budget-priced title features a very simple gameplay style that ramps up in difficulty as the game goes on. Is it worth checking out? Find out in the full review!

In Kung Fu Rabbit, strange creatures have abducted baby rabbits from a village. As the titular hero, your job is to save the babies by reaching the end goal of each level. The first thing you’ll notice about the game is its presentation – it’s a very cute game. Kung Fu Rabbit is like a little square guy and the enemies are mostly comprised of blobs. The graphics are mostly bright and colorful and have been slightly altered to fit TV screens and the Wii U GamePad. And the game looks great on both. However, the game doesn’t look too different from its original mobile version, which is actually cheaper to buy and download than the Wii U eShop version – that’s something to keep in mind. The GamePad mirrors what’s on the TV screen. If you want to utilize Off-TV Play, just simply look at the GamePad and turn up the volume, and that’s it. Other than Off-TV Play, the game doesn’t make use of the GamePad (i.e., touch controls).

Kung Fu Rabbit is a mostly-standard platformer in which you go from the beginning of the stage to the end goal. But getting there isn’t always that simple. Along the way, there will be some enemies, obstacles, and lots of climbing. One hit spells the end for Kung Fu Rabbit, but if he dies, he’ll just respawn at the beginning of the level again. Combat is very basic, consisting of slicing the back of more common enemies. You can unlock abilities to defeat enemies in other ways, though – more on that in a bit.

Kung Fu Rabbit

The game starts out to be very easy, which is nice to get players into the hang of things. But the easy difficulty does last for quite a bit – perhaps for a little more than necessary. At least the difficulty level ramps up after a while. The game never becomes unfair, but you’ll see plenty of trial-and-error moments throughout the game. Basically, if there’s a difficult part, and you end up dying, then you’ll know what to do afterward… even if it may take several more tries to successfully go through the level completely. While the game does get difficult, that’s not to say that everyone can’t pick up and play this game. Since Kung Fu Rabbit was initially developed for mobile phones, there’s a wider target audience demographic that likely was kept in mind during development.

Each of the regular levels in the game includes 3 small carrots and 1 large one that’s usually more hidden or harder to get to than the others. Collecting these throughout each level has its benefits. The carrots give you points that you can use to purchase items, techniques, and new costumes in the game’s shop. Points can also be earned via the game’s built-in achievement system. So there’s definitely incentives for grabbing the carrots in each level. Some of the unlockable items in the shop are blacked out initially, and are unlocked as you progress through the game. What’s also unlocked through regular progression are bonus levels. These can be visited as you unlock them. These are tougher levels that will test your reflexes (and patience). They do not have carrots to collect, so it’s all about getting to the goal.

Kung Fu Rabbit

Kung Fu Rabbit contains 60 regular levels and 20 bonus levels. It will take a few hours to go through everything completely. Once all of the regular levels are completed, you can go through all of the levels again in the much harder difficulty setting.

There are plenty of platforming titles to choose from between the Wii U eShop and Wii U Virtual Console. Kung Fu Rabbit may not stand out too much amongst its platforming brethren, but it’s a fun and solid title overall. And for just $5, it’s an adventure that won’t hurt your wallet.

Kung Fu Rabbit

+ Cute presentation
+ Simple gameplay
+ Only $5
– Starts out too easy; challenge doesn’t come up for a while
– Cheaper on mobile platforms
– Not too much of a standout title amongst other titles on the eShop

Final Score: 3.75 out of 5

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