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A Guide to the Skylanders SWAP Force Launch

The third game in the Skylanders series, Skylanders SWAP Force is launching in just a few days! Set to release on October 13, 2013, the game is heading to the Wii U, Wii, 3DS, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, with versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One available at their respective launches. The purpose of this post is to assist with anyone purchasing SWAP Force at launch with information, pricing, and details on exclusive figures. Now that the intro’s out of the way, it’s onto the guide!

The Starter Pack

First things first, you’ll need to pick up a Starter Pack, which retails for $74.99 across all platforms. The Starter Pack includes everything you need to get started with the game, and you can play through the game’s entire campaign with what’s included. You’ll just miss out on some secret areas, bonuses, and so forth.

Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack

The Starter Pack (Wii U/Wii/PS3/PS4/360/XBO) contains the following:

* Skylanders SWAP Force game
* The new Portal of Power – this is required for SWAP Force, the old Portals do not work for the game
* 3 Skylanders figures – Ninja Stealth Elf (Life element), Wash Buckler (SWAP Force, Water), and Blast Zone (SF, Fire)
* Character cards for all three figures
* Sticker sheets for all three figures with secret codes
* A SWAP Force poster

Skylanders SWAP Force 3DS Starter Pack
Note: The 3DS version includes all of the above, except the included character roster is different…

* 3DS Skylanders figures – Volcanic Eruptor (Fire, exclusive to 3DS), Rattle Shake (SF, Undead), and Free Ranger (SF, Air)

And of course, ALL figures from Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants WILL work in SWAP Force!

Extra Figures & Accessories

Additional figures and accessories for SWAP Force are sold separately, of course. If you’re looking to buy additional Skylanders, then you have a few different options. Most figures are included in standalone single packs (MSRP $9.99), but the are also often found in triple packs (MSRP $24.99) as well. The new SWAP Force Skylanders (MSRP $14.99) are sold standalone. LightCore Skylanders, which feature lights on the figure itself and in-game are sold alone (MSRP $12.99). Certain figures are exclusive to Battle Packs (2 Skylander figures + Battle item, MSRP $24.99) and Adventure Packs (Skylander figure + 2 Magic items + additional chapter, MSRP $24.99).

The following will be available at launch…

Skylanders SWAP Force - Countdown Single Pack
Single Packs:
Blizzard Chill (Water)
Countdown (Tech)
Lava Barf Eruptor (Fire)
Mega Ram Spyro (Magic)
Roller Brawl (Undead)
Slobber Tooth (Earth)
Super Gulp Pop Fizz (Magic)
Zoo Lou (Life)

Skylanders SWAP Force - Magna Charge Single Pack
SWAP Force:
Free Ranger (Air)
Hoot Loop (Magic)
Magna Charge (Tech)
Rattle Shake (Undead)

Skylanders SWAP Force - Triple Pack
Triple Packs:
Lava Barf Eruptor (Fire) / Slobber Tooth (Earth) / Super Gulp Pop Fizz (Magic)
Mega Ram Spyro (Magic) / Blizzard Chill (Water) / Zoo Lou (Life)

Skylanders SWAP Force - LightCore Grim Creeper
LightCore Flashwing (Earth)
LightCore Grim Creeper (Undead)
LightCore Smolderdash (Fire)
LightCore Star Strike (Magic)
LightCore Warnado (Air)

Skylanders SWAP Force - Fiery Forge Battle Pack
Battle Packs:
Fiery Forge Battle Pack – Bumble Blast (Life) / Fiery Forge (Battle Arena) / Knockout Terrafin (Earth)

Skylanders SWAP Force - Tower of Time Adventure Pack
Adventure Packs:
Tower of Time Adventure Pack – Pop Thorn (Air) / Tower of Time / Battle Hammer (magic item) / Sky Diamond (magic item)


Retailers often get exclusive Skylanders figures. This is a list of what will be available exclusively from the following retailers at launch:

Skylanders SWAP Force Dark Edition
Skylanders SWAP Force Dark Edition Starter Pack (Wii U, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 – MSRP $99.99)
This includes everything that’s included with the standard Starter Pack, but instead includes the following exclusive figures and their associated cards/stickers:
* Dark Ninja Stealth Elf (Life), Dark Blast Zone (SF, Fire), Dark Mega Ram Spyro (Magic), Dark Wash Buckler (SF, Water), & Dark Slobber Tooth (Earth)

Skylanders SWAP Force Double Pack - Nitro Magna Charge & Rattle Shake
SWAP Force Double Pack (MSRP $29.99) – Nitro Magna Charge (Tech) & Rattle Shake (Undead)
SWAP Force Double Pack – Nitro Magna Charge & Free Ranger (Air)

Toys R Us:
Skylanders SWAP Force - Legendary LightCore Grim Creeper
Legendary Free Ranger (SF, Air) (MSRP $16.99) – A version of Free Ranger with a dark blue/gold color scheme.
Legendary LightCore Grim Creeper (Undead) (MSRP $13.99) – A version of LightCore Grim Creeper with a dark blue/gold color scheme.

Skylanders SWAP Force - Enchanted Hoot Loop
Enchanted Hoot Loop (SF, Magic) single pack (MSRP $14.96) – This variant figure changes colors based on lighting, and does so in-game as well.

And there you have it! Hopefully this guide helps out anyone that is a bit overwhelmed with the amount of figures and exclusives set for release at launch. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Happy hunting!

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