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Published on December 21st, 2013 | by Duke091


Tekken Revolution Patch 1.4


The latest update for Tekken Revolution is now live in Europe, which adds the new fan picked character, Eliza to the roster. She is the first new character in quite some time for the Tekken franchise; being the winner of a poll held during a contest at this years Comic Con in San Diego. A trailer showing her in action can be viewed below.

Eliza’s fighting seems to revolve around projectile based combat, but there’s a catch. Her backstory mentions that she’s been asleep for hundreds of years, and she has a hard time controlling where she dozes off. This carries over while fighting, in that she will randomly fall asleep in the midst of all the action. It’s not all bad though, as she does recover some health while dreaming in order to make up for it.


For unlocking Eliza, players collect Blood Seals after battles, which can continuously be collected after she’s unlocked to obtain more content. This patch also adds more costumes and Premium Effects for other characters.

The update for North American users is not up yet, but will more than likely be released soon.

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