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Review: Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy

Review: Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy octaneblue

Developer(s): Spicysoft
Publisher(s): Spicysoft
Platform(s): 3DS eShop
Release Date(s): July 3, 2014


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In 2013, Spicysoft released Bike Rider DX on the 3DS eShop. The quirky biking platformer was certainly a surprise to me – I thought it was a lot of fun (read my review of it here). A year later, Spicysoft has launched the sequel, titled Bike Rider DX 2: Galaxy. As its title indicates, there’s big change in the game’s setting. Not only that, but the developers have added a lot of new features from the original. If you enjoyed the first one, this one’s a recommended download! Read on for the full review of Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy!

The core gameplay of Bike Rider DX2 is carried over from the original game: your bike rider continuously peddles their bike from the start to the finish. But along the way, you’ll come across several hazards, so each level isn’t going to be a walk (or a bike ride, rather) in the park. Like in the first game, there’s a good curve of difficulty throughout the game’s levels. The first few worlds are pretty easy, but as they go along, they gradually get more difficult, but certainly not in a brick wall sort of way. And also like the first game, each level has 3 medals that you can collect. It’s recommended to go after them, as you’ll unlock more levels if you do so. Some of them are very easy to grab, while others require some thought as to how to collect them without running into a hazard, getting crushed, etc. It’s a fun challenge collecting all of them.

What I found interesting about this iteration is that there are several moments, mostly in the later levels, where the next logical move actually isn’t what you’re supposed to do. For instance, there’s a level that involves hitting 3 switches to move parts of the level down so you can drive across them. In order to get a medal, you actually have to ignore the third switch in order to collect it. There are several of these intriguing instances that will make you think if your next move is actually the correct one.

Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy

Bike Rider DX included several power-ups that helped your rider progress through levels. These include a hang glider that allowed you to soar long distances, and a booster that made your bike go extremely fast. These return in Bike Rider DX2 but even more power-ups are introduced here as well, such as a frog suit that allows you to leap very high up, and a drill that can plow through blocks that are in the way. These are fun to use and they’re necessary to collect several medals in each level.

There are initially 12 worlds in the game’s main mode, the Galaxy Tour, and each world has 5 levels each. As long as you collect the medals in each stage, you’ll unlock the worlds as you progress through the game. Whereas the first game’s worlds were based on real world locations like London, Tokyo, etc., Bike Rider DX2 has locations mostly based in outer space. Each world is named after an astrological sign like Taurus, Aquarius, Virgo, and so on. Each world has a unique theme, so no two worlds are alike at all.

Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy

In addition to the Galaxy Tour, the Grand Prix mode returns from the previous game. In this mode, you’ll go through an endless, randomly generated stage. This mode is pretty addicting, and is a good time-killer. New options include the ability to choose the background and music from any unlocked stage in the Galaxy Tour mode, as well as an online ranking system.

The graphics in the game are mostly similar to the first game. Again, the 3D effect doesn’t add anything to the game and is barely noticeable, which is kind of a shame, as there are levels later on in the game that would’ve looked cool if there was a noticeable use of 3D. But the backgrounds in each world at least look nice. The top screen displays all of the action, while the bottom screen shows a static screen of the controls, with some tips appearing at the beginning of each level. This is actually the same format from the previous game, and it would have been nice if the bottom screen was used a bit more. A map or even a timer would have been nice additions to the bottom screen.

Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy

Bike Rider DX features an outstanding soundtrack, and this one is no different. The themes match the environments perfectly. Some of the themes include an atmospheric, underwater theme for Aquarius and a hard-hitting, heavy metal track for the lava-filled Capicornus – these two are standout ones in particular.

Going through the Galaxy Tour will take couple hours or so, definitely more if you’re going for full completion by collecting the medals. In addition to the game’s 12 worlds, once you clear them all, you’ll unlock six Extra Stage worlds that have five levels each. Like in the first game, these levels are tough, and they feature their own set of medals to collect too. Spicysoft has confirmed free extra downloadable stages for the game, adding even more replay value.

Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy

Like it predecessor, Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy features very fun and unique levels to go through, as well as an excellent soundtrack. It’s an entertaining eShop title overall, and at its low price of $2.99, it’s definitely an affordable one.

+ Fun new power-ups
+ Good amount of content, priced right
+ Excellent soundtrack
– Doesn’t make much use of the 3DS hardware

Final Score: 4.5 out of 5

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