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Pokkén Tournament – Character Wishlist, Part 2: Non-Fighting Types

After the reveal of Pokkén Tournament earlier this morning, a few of us here at Gamer’s Bench are already feeling the hype as we’re heavily speculating which Pokémon will appear in the game that haven’t been revealed. Jon covered a list of Fighting types he wishes will appear in the game, so I am here to cover everything else. There’s a great possibility that a large portion of the roster will be Fighting Pokémon as many of them represent unique, real life fighting styles, so it was difficult to come up with an alternative list of unique Pokémon that could potentially make the cut even though there are many other types to choose from. Without further ado, here is my wishlist:

1. Greninja
We may as well begin the list with someone predictable. Greninja would make an excellent addition to the game as there has been no fighting series to date that has shied away from using ninjas. Bandai Namco would have no issues here if they were to convert some of their own Raven’s movepool and add some aquatic flair to Greninja. It just seems like a perfect fit, and it is easily one of the more popular Pokémon from the sixth generation.

2. Ursaring
This may be a stretch, but as Ursaring is my personal favorite fully evolved Pokémon, I couldn’t leave it off the list. Bandai Namco is no stranger to using bears either. While I can’t see Ursaring rolling around on the ground as easily as Kuma or Panda, it would pay a nice homage to them. Ursaring could work equally well as a grappler that packs a powerful punch. Just look at those claws! While it may be wishful thinking on my part, there’s no doubt Ursaring would make a formidable fighter, and if abilities and status effects are utilized as Jon mentioned with his Toxicroak entry, Ursaring could potentially be that much more dangerous.

3. Lopunny / Mega Lopunny
LopunnyMega Lopunny
Before anyone points it out, I know Mega Lopunny is Normal/Fighting. Even though this is supposed to be a list of other types, I had to place Lopunny here. Besides, its natural form is Normal. Anyway, while thinking of acrobatic fighters, many of the monkey Pokémon came to mind. Lopunny was the only non-monkey that stood out, and it would make for a great Lili-esque fighter by cutting flips while simultaneously kicking other Pokémon to the curb. Its ears could assist it, and while Diggersby’s ears probably pack more of a punch, Lopunny could provide some gracefulness in the process that Diggersby most definitely lacks.

4. Plusle & Minun
The epitomes of cooperation, two fighters working together for a common goal is nothing new. While alone, these two simply don’t have the power or the height to take on other fearsome foes, they excel together. Introduced in the third generation to promote double battles, it would only make sense to have one of these magnetically charged rodents standing on the other’s shoulders. Even if Pikachu were to earn a spot in this game, having these two together would be unique enough to where the only similarities would be the structures of their faces.

5. Bisharp
Bisharp has the makings of a brutal fighter. With blades covering its entire body, there is not one section of Bisharp that wouldn’t be useful in a fight. This could give Bisharp a wide range of attacks extending from pure blade swipes with its hands to rising attacks with the ax on its head. It is certainly one of the more intimidating Pokémon on this list, but the ruthlessness described in its Dex entry makes it even more dangerous. Bisharp would be an excellent choice for a game like this.

6. Scizor / Mega Scizor
ScizorMega Scizor
Winged Pokémon would be difficult to use in a fighting game environment, but as Scizor uses its wings for a purpose other than flying, they could work by allowing Scizor to temporarily hover instead. Its pincers could provide a multipurpose as a hammer-like object as well as a razor-sharp gripping tool. It’s a popular, unique design that could certainly find its way into a fighting game environment and stand out against other Pokémon that utilize brute strength in combat.

7. Delphox
As much flack as Delphox receives in the world of competitive battling, it could work well in a fighting game environment as a spell-caster. Being modeled after a magician or a wizard, Delphox has the potential to set traps on the field and have the ability to shoot projectiles from across the screen much like Trish in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. In a 3D environment, this could be difficult, but I am sure there are ways to make something like this work. The design is cool, and there’s no doubt some interesting moves could be expelled from Delphox’s magic wand.

8. Lilligant
Lilligant may be an odd choice for this list, but as the only grounded, wingless Quiver Dancer in the series, she could be one of the more graceful fighters and also add stat-boosting to a fighting game. There are a handful of characters in fighting games that boost their power by either performing certain moves or taunting mid-match. If Lilligant is about to Quiver Dance, her speed (and whatever else the developers decide to boost) could be upped to make Lilligant more formidable. Being a dancer, she could represent some of the more fluid fighters in the genre and add some elegance to the brawl.

9. Ditto
The every-mon! There have been so many fighters that have moves based around other characters’ moves: Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat), Seth/Twelve (Street Fighter), Edgemaster (Soul Calibur), and Mokujin (Tekken) just to name a few. Who would be better than Ditto to fulfill that same role here? For that indecisive player who just can’t decide on who he or she would rather choose to fight, Ditto could be there and transform immediately into either its opponent or a random Pokémon on the roster. It would be a good replacement for a generic “random” slot and add an element of surprise for whoever picks it. Plus, it’d be a neat mini-boss since mirror matches are so common in fighting games’ Arcade Modes.

10. Zoroark
Zoroark was originally going to be placed with Ditto as someone that would perform the same tasks, however Zoroark’s Illusion ability is not the same. The way it works in the actual games may not work so well here, but there are other methods of creating illusions that could give Zoroark a unique edge. It has the potential to play a little dirty and pull tricks on its opponents. There are many fighters in the genre that have a “nothing-is-beneath-me” mentality, and Zoroark could pull it off well. This guy cannot be trusted.

So what do you think of our lists? Do you agree or disagree? Other choices I struggled with for this list were more obvious ones: Pikachu, Charizard, Sceptile, Gardevoir, Gengar, and Mewtwo. Do you think they’ll be included? We’d love to see YOUR wishlists!

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