3DS Skylanders Trap Team

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Playthrough: Skylanders Trap Team – 3DS

Developer(s): Beenox
Publisher(s): Activision
Platforms(s): 3DS
Release Date(s): October 5, 2014
Note: The 3DS version is completely different game than its console/tablet counterparts. It features different settings, characters, and some gameplay mechanics.

The fourth game in the Skylanders series, Skylanders Trap Team once again features an original adventure unique to the Nintendo 3DS platform. Although the 3DS version features a trapping mechanic like in the console and tablet versions of the game, the 3DS Portal of Power does not feature a slot for traps. So instead, villains are simply trapped in-game, and the villains on the 3DS are completely new and unique to this version. The 3DS version also makes use of the features of the platform, with puzzles during gameplay that make use of the touch screen and instant switching of Skylanders on the touch screen as well.

My playthrough of Trap Team on the 3DS will feature all of the game’s levels, and show off the unique features of this version. I’ll show each of the villain captures and try to show most of the new Skylanders as they hit stores. You can check out Part 1 of the playthrough below! And if you enjoy what you see, please leave a Like and subscribe!

Looking for a specific video? Here are links to each individual episode in the series!

World 1: Underhalls
Level 1: Underhalls

World 2: Stoneshrine Islands
Level 1: Sacred Town
Level 2: Rocky Gate
Level 3: Temple of Waking

World 3: Cloudburst Keys
Level 1: Windy Pass
Level 2: Hot Springs Village
Level 3: Monastery of Waking

World 4: Tradewind Isles
Level 1: Sunny Harbor
Level 2: Royal Rooftops
Level 3: Palace of Waking

World 5: Nightmare Realm
Level 1: Hugo’s Nightmare
Level 2: Sleep Dragon’s Lair
Level 3: Dream Sheep’s Dominion
Level 4: Dream Sheep’s Lair

Expansion & Adventure Packs:
Midnight Museum
Sunscraper Spire
Nightmare Express
Mirror of Mystery

All Trap Attacks Compilation

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