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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – March DLC Pack Details & Trailer

Capcom announced that free DLC in the form of quests, equipment, and multi-quest episodes are heading to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the first Friday of each month. The March DLC Pack is out now, and it includes 10 Event Quests, which includes some event-exclusive equipment, 1 Challenge Quest in the Arena, and 1 Episodic Quest, which consists of 3 episodes and are done in the offline mode. Check out the March DLC Pack trailer below!

And here are the quest details!

Event Quests

The Poogie King (3-star Guild Quest)
Locale: Arena
Goal: Capture a Yian Kut-Ku
Subquest: None

Fan Club: Remobra Removal (2-star Guild Quest)
Locale: Arena
Goal: Slay 12 Remobras
Subquest: Hunt a Tetsucabra

Sand Blasted (3-star Guild Quest)
Locale: Great Desert
Goal: Slay Dah’ren Mohran or repel it
Subquest: Break Dah’ren Mohran’s horn

USJ: High-fire Act (3-star Guild Quest)
Locale: Heaven’s Mount
Goal: Hunt 2 Frenzied Rathalos
Subquest: Deliver 1 Wyvern Tear

A Lost Civilization (4-star Guild Quest)
Locale: Sunken Hollow
Goal: Hunt a Tetsucabra
Subquest: Wound Tetsucabra’s Jaw

Might and Melody (5-star Guild Quest)
Locale: Arena
Goal: Hunt a Tetsucabra and a Najarala
Subquest: Wound the Najarala’s back

Three Virtues (7-star Guild Quest)
Locale: Arena
Goal: Hunt all large monsters (Zinogre, Kirin, Rajang)
Subquest: None
Reward: Triforce (used for Hero’s Armor [Blademaster/Gunner])

Fire Fight (7-star Guild Quest)
Locale: Ingle Isle
Goal: Slay an Akantor
Subquest: Sever Akantor’s Tail
Reward: Goddess’s Fire (used for Hero’s Sword & Hero’s Bow)

Royal Restoration (7-star Guild Quest)
Locale: Tower Summit
Goal: Hunt a Gold Rathian
Subquest: Sever the Gold Rathian’s tail

Tower of Trouble (7-star Guild Quest)
Locale: Tower Summit
Goal: Hunt a Silver Rathalos
Subquest: Sever the Silver Rathalos’ tail

Challenge Quests

Challenge Quest 1 (3-star Challenge Quest)
Locale: Slayground
Goal: Hunt a Kecha Wacha and a Rathian
Subquest: None
Terms: Two players max

Episodic Quests

Bonus: Stash Grab (4-star Episodic Quest)
Locale: Dunes (day)
Goal: Deliver 10 Secret Stashes
Subquest: None
Terms: HR 4 and up, RARE 1 weapons only

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