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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – June DLC Pack Trailer & Details

Since it’s the first Friday of the month, that means a brand-new free DLC pack is available now for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! This one features plenty crossover equipment, including Devil May Cry, Animal Crossing, and a special collaboration with Square-Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura. Check out the June DLC trailer below!

And here are the quest details!

Event Quests

Enter the Red Dragon
Quest Level: 7*
Locale: Ingle Isle
Goal: Slay a Crimson Fatalis or repel it
Subquest: None
Terms: HR 8 and up
Reward: Gold Guild Tickets, High rank Crimson Fatalis materials

The Steel Vanguard
Quest Level: 7*
Locale: Tower Summit
Goal: Slay a Kushala Daora
Subquest: Sever the Kushala Daora’s tail
Terms: HR 4 and up
Reward: Goddess’s Grace – Material used to forge Purrity Palico weapon & armor

The Candle in the Darkness
Quest Level: G2*
Locale: Sanctuary
Goal: Slay Gore Magala
Subquest: Wound Gore Magala’s feelers
Terms: G2* Permit
Reward: Goddess’s Melody – Material used to forge Wing of Judgement (Long Sword), G-Rank Gore Magala materials

Twilight of the Gods
Quest Level: G3*
Locale: Arena
Goal: Hunt an Apex Diablos
Subquest: None
Terms: G3* Permit
Reward: Goddess’s Embrace – Material used to forge the Rage armor (Blademaster/Gunner, designed by Square-Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura)

Gravios May Cry
Quest Level: 5*
Locale: Volcanic Hollow
Goal: Hunt a Gravios
Subquest: Wound the Gravios’s chest
Terms: HR 4 and up
Reward: Amulet Keepsake – Material used to forge the Alastor, Dante Wig, and Dante Jacket (Devil May Cry) for Palicoes

Animal Crossing: Fisher King
Quest Level: 4*
Locale: Dunes (day)
Goal: Deliver 1 Blue Marlin
Subquest: Deliver 5 Giant Stags
Terms: HR 4 and up, on-site items only
Reward: Design Pattern – Material used to forge the Isabelle and Mr. Resetti (Animal Crossing) weapons and armors for Palicos

Eye of the Tigrex
Quest Level: 7*
Locale: Tower Summit
Goal: Hunt a Molten Tigrex
Subquest: Sever the Molten Tigrex’s tail
Terms: HR 8 and up
Reward: Gold Guild Tickets

The Devil’s Due
Quest Level: 7*
Locale: Frozen Seaway
Goal: Hunt a Savage Deviljho
Subquest: Wound the Deviljho’s head
Terms: HR 7 and up
Reward: HR Savage Deviljho materials

Challenge Quests

Challenge Quest 4
Quest Level: 5*
Locale: Arena
Goal: Slay a Zamtrios and a Tigrex [Outbreak]
Terms: HR 4 and up, two players max

Monster Fest 3
Quest Level: G3*
Locale: Arena
Goal: Slay a Teostra
Terms: Two players max, G1* Permit

Party Challenge 1
Quest Level: 3*
Locale: Arena
Goal: Slay a Lagombi and Rathalos
Terms: None

Episodic Quests

Episode 4: Inimitable Instructor

Bonus: Awaken!
Quest Level: G1*
Locale: Dunes (day)
Goal: Hunt 10 Desert Seltas
Subquest: None
Terms: G1* Permit
Reward: Instructor’s Ticket – Material used to forge Black Belt Blade (Great Sword), Chainslaughter (Long Sword), Black Belt Sword (Sword and Shield), & Black Belt Hammer

Bonus: Take Flight!
Quest Level: G1*
Locale: Ancestral Steppe
Goal: Sever the Rathian’s tail
Subquest: None
Terms: G1* Permit, Rarity 1 weapons/Gunner’s Pouch items only
Reward: Instructor’s Ticket

Bonus: Into Eternity!
Quest Level: G3*
Locale: Great Desert
Goal: Slay Dah’ren Mohran or repel it
Subquest: None
Terms: G3* Permit
Reward: Instructor’s Ticket, G-Rank Dah’ren Mohran parts


Pink Pal
Lv. 5
Forte: Healing
Ability: Parting Gift
Skills: Speedy Recovery, Gathering Ban, Omniresistance, Melee Strike (Meownster Hunter), Arowana Catcher (Casting Machine)
Signature Skill: IC ResUp/TH ResDown
Stats: Health 100, Attack 37, Defense 48
Team Attack: Flying F-Bomb
Coat: Calico


Titles: Nightmare, Summon, Baleful, Shocker, Friendly, Wild World, New Leaf, Villager,
Guild Card Scenes: Square Enix, MH Fan Club, Animal Crossing

As revealed at the end of the June DLC trailer, the July DLC pack will feature the event quest that, upon completion, yields materials used to forge the Star Knight armor. And since our Episodic Quest release pattern has exactly followed that of the Japanese version, next month will very likely feature the Episodic Quest with the G-Rank Gold Rathian at the end.

Be sure to check back for more news on future content for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!

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