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Published on July 6th, 2015 | by octaneblue


Playthrough: Splatoon

At E3 2014, Nintendo unveiled a brand-new IP to the world: Splatoon. A very unique third-person shooter, Splatoon features two distinct parts: the single-player campaign and the online multiplayer portion. In both modes, your main weapons dispense ink. The ink is not only used to defeat (or “splat”) enemies, but it can also be used to aid in transportation! Your main character, a boy or girl Inkling, has the ability to transform into an Inkling Squid as well. As an Inkling Squid, you can quickly swim throughout your ink. The concept is very fresh, and it turns out that Nintendo has another winner on their hands here; the game is very fun to play!

My uploads of the game will be split between two different playlists, with one dedicated to the single-player campaign and the other designated with any online videos. The single-player campaign features your customized Inkling as “Agent 3.” Aiding Cap’n Cuttlefish, your goal is to save the stolen Zapfish from the enemy Octoling forces. The single-player campaign features several different worlds, with some boss fights at the end of each one. My playthrough will cover all of the game’s worlds and will show the location of the Sea Scrolls (the collectible of the game) as well. After the campaign is completed, I will also cover the amiibo Challenges. You can view Part 1 of the playthrough, which covers the Inkling creation, introduction, and the entirety of World 1, below!


Part 1: Fresh Ink! – World 1
Part 2: Bombs Away! – World 2
Part 3: Inkognito – World 3
Part 4: Octoling Uprising – World 4
Part 5: Agent 3’s Ascent – World 5 (excluding final boss)
Part 6: Showdown with DJ Octavio! – Final Boss Fight, Ending, & Credits

amiibo Challenges:
Coming soon!

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