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Published on July 19th, 2015 | by octaneblue


Street Fighter V – Necalli Trailer & Future Update Details

At EVO 2015, Capcom revealed a brand-new character for Street Fighter V: Necalli. He is the first of four brand-new characters to the Street Fighter series that will join the roster. Here’s his official description, followed by his reveal trailer:

“Hailing from a mysterious background, Necalli utilizes a wild, animalistic fighting style to brutalize his opponents. There’s no finesse here as all of his attacks have been forged through the heat of battle to inflict maximum pain upon his opponents. However, beneath the surface of the crazed warrior lies a hidden genius that is unleashed upon V-Trigger activation. Players who enjoy a straight forward, hard hitting character will feel right at home with Necalli, as he possesses a wide variety of savage, close range attacks, as well as a command grab, all with the goal of demolishing his foes.”

Necalli’s animations are impressive, with his V-Trigger state looking particularly cool. He seems to fit right in with the rest Street Fighter V crew, which, as of this post, also consists of: Ryu, Chun-Li, M. Bison, Charlie Nash, Cammy, Birdie, and Ken. A total of 16 characters, including the aforementioned four new characters, will make up the launch roster.

Capcom also announced details about future updates, and it’s very good news, especially to those who got really tired of the constant updated versions of Street Fighter IV. With Street Fighter V, it is the only version that you’ll need to purchase. Any balance/system adjustments will be released for free. And here’s the best part: all gameplay-related content will be earnable for free by unlocking them through playing the game! As Capcom specifically stated, “Long gone are the days of forced Super and Ultra upgrades!” New, post-launch content is planned to be released on a regular basis.

Street Fighter V will support two types of in-game currency. Fight Money is earned through playing the game, and this is used to earn post-launch gameplay content for free. However, there is also an option to convert real-world money into in-game “Zenny,” which can be used to immediately gain access to the post-launch gameplay content.

Having different choices like these to unlock the post-launch content, as opposed to paying $20 for a new iteration of a game, is very welcoming news. From what it sounds like, Capcom plans on supporting Street Fighter V for quite a while, so fans will have something new to look forward to often.

Street Fighter V launches in early 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and PC. Stay tuned for more updates as they’re announced!

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