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Review: I’ve Got to Run!

Review: I’ve Got to Run! octaneblue

Developer(s): 4 Corner Games Publisher(s): 4 Corner Games Platform(s): Wii U eShop Release Date: June 5, 2014



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I’ve Got to Run! is an infinite runner game on the Wii U eShop. Developed by 4 Corner Games, the game is a very basic and bare bones experience. With that said, it’s tough to fully recommend. Read on for the full review of I’ve Got to Run!

I’ve Got to Run! stars Roy the Marshmallow Boy, and he must run for as long as possible in three different gameplay modes. The first is “Endless Classic,” which has Roy running through a kitchen with only one jump, which is performed with any button on the Wii U GamePad or by tapping the touch screen. The “Endless Double” mode allows Roy to double jump and changes the setting to a castle area. And the third mode is “Endless Special,” which sends Roy to the Moon and has scattered power-ups that slow down or speed up the running. Other than some mechanic changes, the shared goal for all three modes is to simply run, jump onto the different platforms, keep going until you fall, and aim for a high score. There are no hazards, enemies, or anything like that to avoid in the game.

I've Got to Run!

The graphics of the game are incredibly simplistic at best and mediocre at worst. The framerate is solid at 60 FPS, and the music is okay. Each of the three modes has its own background theme, and they’re all suitable for the respective environments. The GamePad screen mirrors what is displayed on the TV, and you can change the channel on your TV and play the game entirely on the GamePad with Off-TV Play. High scores are displayed in a menu on the main screen, but online leaderboards aren’t supported. Miiverse support is integrated though, so you can post your scores and screenshots there.

And that’s pretty much what I’ve Got to Run! has to offer. It’s an extremely limited game in a genre that has better offerings on the eShop. The 3DS version of the game is worth checking out though, as it adds in much more content and is the better game overall.

I've Got to Run!

+ Simple controls
+ Solid framerate
– Limited modes
– Stale gameplay
– Mediocre presentation
– Completely outclassed by the superior 3DS version

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