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Review: RymdResa

Review: RymdResa Duke091

Developer(s): Morgondag
Publisher(s): Morgondag
Platform(s): PC
Release Date: August 20, 2015



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RymdResa is a very unique game that lays out a story for players to experience in an interesting way. Your home planet is completely obliterated, and you’re left drifting in space with a ship limited on supplies. Can you continue to move on knowing you can’t go back to your home? Can you even establish a new life with what you have? Are you able to keep your sanity with the vastness of space being your only friend? The narrative of RymdResa asks these questions and more as players try to find a way to get a new life started.

After the brief opening showing your planet being destroyed in a flashing light, the game starts with you roaming in space with just a handful of coordinates. There are 3 different chapters in RymdResa, and each of them feature their own objectives and quests for you to perform in order to survive. In general, you need to find anything that can be explored in order to gain resources, experience, and points. All of this is gathered by navigating a ship through space and exploring various things such as planets, abandoned ships, debris, etc. Exploring will also net you upgrades for your ship in order to make it move faster, change shape, and more durable; the latter of which is very important.

RymdResa allows you to explore space infinitely, but it’s not without its hazards. While searching for resources, you’ll come across asteroid belts, dangerous traps, and even suns that can heavily damage your ship. Resources act as your health, so once you run out of resources, it’s game over (depending on the chapter you’re currently in that is). The hazards tie in with an issue I have with the game, in that there are times where I have very little time to react. The handling of each ship varies, but they all generally have sluggish movements similar to, well, an actual ship. You can also boost for faster movement, but because of the issue I mentioned, I tend not to use it due to the risk factor. Where everything is placed is completely random, so expect some insane setups while searching around. Have you ever seen two suns overlapping each other? How about meteors rotating around and within the orbit of a planet? Random bumpers that can bounce you straight into another hazard? Mind you, this isn’t a frequent issue with RymdResa, but it can definitely cause some frustration when everything is thrown at you all at once.


If you want a better chance at survival, you’ll definitely want to level up your pilot. Whenever you make a discovery, you gain experience points, and will eventually level up your pilot in order to customize his stats. There are times where a silhouette can be seen in space, but can’t be interacted with. Other times you may fail at exploring a planet and end up receiving no rewards. You’ll be prone to difficult beginnings in each chapter, but gaining experience points can definitely improve your experience. That is, if there’s anything for you to do.


Yes, you can explore different objects in order to build your ship and better your pilot. You can also come across some dangerous hazards for you to evade. However, my main issue comes from how frequently nothing happens for long periods of time. A prime example is the first time I loaded the game up; I found a couple of things to explore near my starting point, but after that I had to begin wandering around in order to find my next objective. Unfortunately, there was a ten minute period of absolutely nothing happening while drifting through space. This happens frequently in every chapter; sometimes for two minutes, and other times 15 minutes. I will give Morgondag credit in that it portrays what space is like. The vast emptiness, however, doesn’t necessarily transition into an interesting element for gameplay. It can be draining at times, and can ultimately lose the interest of players.

While drifting about in space, game time does pass by in periods of years. With each passing year, your pilot will not only gain some experience points, but also shares some dialogue in the form of diaries. These diaries range from optimistic, to very depressing facts. Combined with the ambient music, it helps create the feeling of loneliness that would be felt given the game’s story direction.


RymdResa is a very solid attempt at trying something new with the concept of space. Rather than going for a shooter, it places players in the position of survival with limited resources in order to start a new life. However, there are too many instances of nothing happening for the game’s own good. The randomness of hazards can also create some unpleasant moments due to how cluttered the screen can get with suns, debris, and other obstacles. It’s a solid game overall, but it should definitely be approached with the right mindset to appreciate what it is.

+ Unique gameplay
+ Great ambiance with the combination of music and narrative
– Too many periods of nothing happening
– Large number of hazards can cause a frustrating time
– Can get tiresome when trying to find objects to explore

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