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Playthrough: Skylanders SuperChargers Racing – 3DS

Ever since the release of Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure in 2011, a separate, companion title for the 3DS has launched alongside the console releases. Up until now, these have been platformers with a different storyline and setting from the main games. Skylanders SuperChargers on consoles introduced a new element to the series: vehicles. There are 3 vehicle types: Land, Sky, and Sea. This year’s 3DS iteration changes things up a bit and removes the platforming section and is instead a dedicated racing game.

In my playthrough of Skylanders SuperChargers Racing for the 3DS (also available on the Wii), I’ll cover each of the game’s maps, going through all of the different races and challenges, and unlocking all of the different paths and collectibles.

Check out the first part of my playthrough below! This post will also contain links to each individual video in the playlist, with the contents of each episode listed under each one.

The Glorious Tour
Part 1
Pandercastle Skyride – Race (Sky)
Chompy Mountain – Race (Land)
Tropic Plunder – Race (Sea)
Tropic Plunder – Stunt Mastery (Sea)

Part 2
Chompy Mountain – Chompygeddon (Land)
Robomill Forest – Race (Sky)
Trollympic Village – Race (Land)
Robomill Forest – Afterburner Mastery (Sky)
Pandercastle Skyride – Ghost Race (Sky)

The Spectacular Tour
Part 3
Chompy Mountain – Drift Mastery (Land)
Cactus Canyon – Race (Sky)
Temple of Boom – Race (Land)
Tropic Plunder – Ghost Race (Sea)
Robomill Forest – Dogfight (Sky)

Part 4
Gooey Goo Works – Race (Sea)
Trollympic Village – Sheep Wrangler
Temple of Boom – Chompygeddon (Land)
Gooey Goo Works – Stunt Mastery (Sea)
Frosty Volcano – Race (Sky)

The Marvelous Tour
Part 5
Chompy Mountain – Sheep Wrangler (Land)
Middle of Snowhere – Race (Sea)
Pandercastle Skyride – Dogfight (Sky)
Chompy Mountain – Danger Zone (Land)
Octoasis – Race (Sea)
The Spectacular Tour
Chompy Mountain – Ghost Race (Land)

Part 6
Temple of Boom – Sheep Wrangler (Land)
Tropic Plunder – Danger Zone (Sea)
Cactus Canyon – Ghost Race (Sky)
Frosty Volcano – Survival (Sky)
Gooey Goo Works – Ghost Race (Sea)

Part 7
Trollympic Village – Ghost Race (Land)
Frosty Volcano – Battle Chase (Sky)
Pandercastle Raceway – Race (Land)

Part 8
Trollympic Village – Danger Zone (Land)
Pandercastle Skyride – Afterburner Mastery (Sky)
Middle of Snowhere – Ghost Race (Sea)
Temple of Boom – Drift Mastery (Land)
Pandercastle Waterpark – Race (Sea)
Pandercastle Raceway – Sheep Wrangler (Land)
Cactus Canyon – Dogfight (Sky)

The Splendiferous Tour
Part 9
Frosty Volcano – Ghost Race (Sky)
Octoasis – Ghost Race (Sea)
Arkeyan Forge – Race (Sky)
Trollympic Village (Land)
Middle of Snowhere – Survival (Sea)
Pandercastle Raceway – Ghost Race (Land)
Chompy Mountain – Battle Chase (Land)

Part 10
Grill-X’s Big BBQ – Race (Land)
Arkeyan Forge – Dogfight (Sky)
Temple of Boom – Survival (Land)
Cactus Canyon – Afterburner Mastery (Sky)
Temple of Boom – Ghost Race (Land)
Pandercastle Raceway – Drift Mastery (Land)

Part 11
The Spectacular Tour
Robomill Forest – Ghost Race (Sky)
The Magnificent Tour
Octoasis – Stunt Mastery (Sea)
Pandercastle Raceway – Chompygeddon (Land)
Pandercastle Waterpark – Ghost Race (Sea)
Arkeyan Forge – Ghost Race (Air)
Pandercastle Waterpark – Danger Zone (Sea)
Grill-X’s Big BBQ – Sheep Wrangler (Land)
Grill-X’s Big BBQ – Ghost Race (Land)

Part 12
Pandercastle Skyride – Battle Chase (Sky) – Vs. Kaos
Ending & Credits

Skylanders SuperChargers Racing
Developer(s): Beenox
Publisher(s): Activision
Platform(s): 3DS, Wii

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