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Published on October 2nd, 2015 | by octaneblue


Canvaleon – Free DLC Announced for November

OXiAB Game Studio announced details of the upcoming free DLC for the Wii U eShop platformer Canvaleon. The DLC pack contains changes and updates based on user feedback.

A new game mode will be available, titled “SP Missions.” Made up of 10 challenging mini-levels, this mode will have a new background theme. In addition, there are new difficulty levels offered. The “Radar Mode” gives Canvaleon a “chameleon sense,” which allows him to detect anything harmful to him. An “Extreme Mode” will also be available, which, as the name implies, is an even more difficult version of the game. In this mode, when enemies spot Canvaleon, he’ll die instantly. The new DLC also adds a new statistics screen, so you can check on your progress with the game’s collectibles.

The update also brings improvements to the core gameplay. Doodle, Canvaleon’s best friend, will communicate with the player more often during gameplay. Camouflages will be more efficient in the sense that you can tell how effective they are as you are painting. Previously, you had to be in a level itself to test it out yourself. Saving your game will be a reminder that pops up every so often. There’s also going to be an improved camera to prevent some guess-and-test-type deaths, as well as improved visuals to make some elements of stages stand out more, making them easier to see or notice.

Check out my full, detailed review of Canvaleon here. Some of the problems I had with the game are going to be fixed with this upcoming update, so it will certainly be interesting to see how the game plays after that’s available! I’ll make a new post with my impressions of the new DLC & update, so check back around then!

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