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Playthrough: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is the latest game in the Zelda series, and it launched in late October for the 3DS. Like the Four Swords games before it, Tri Force Heroes is primarily focused on multiplayer, with groups of three Links teaming up to travel through the areas and dungeons of the Drablands.

In this playthrough of Tri Force Heroes, Duke, Jesús, and I are teaming up for a co-op adventure! We’ll go through all of the game’s levels, as well as the Drablands Challenges. These challenges feature specific objectives or conditions in each level, such as popping balloons, having a time limit, transporting an orb, etc.

You can check out the first episode of the playthrough below! This first video features the beginning of the game, along with preparations for multiplayer.

Part 2 of the playthrough is the first episode with multiplayer. The Drablands Challenges for this level are shown in this video as well, but keep in mind that those were recorded at a later date; you cannot go through the Drablands Challenges until you beat the boss of each world.

The first several videos of this playthrough featured the format with the levels and then their respective Drablands Challenges. However, this was later changed to feature the first two levels of a world in one video, the third and fourth levels in the next video, and then the Drablands Challenges in two additional videos. An update was later added to the game that added a ninth world; this will be covered later as well! I hope you enjoy our playthrough of the game!


Intro – [Part 1]

World 1: Woodlands
Level 1: Deku Forest + Drablands Challenges [Part 2]
Level 2: Buzz Blob Cave + Drablands Challenges [Part 3]
Level 3: Moblin Base + Drablands Challenges [Part 4]
Level 4: Forest Temple + Drablands Challenges [Part 5]

World 2: Riverside
Level 1: Secret Fortress + Drablands Challenges [Part 6]
Level 2: Abyss of Agony + Drablands Challenges [Part 7]
Level 3: Cove of Transition + Drablands Challenges [Part 8]
Level 4: Water Temple + Drablands Challenges [Part 9]

World 3: Volcano
Level 1: Blazing Trail & Level 2: Hinox Mine [Part 10]
Level 3: Den of Flames & Level 4: Fire Temple [Part 11]
Drablands Challenges – Blazing Trail & Hinox Mine [Part 12]
Drablands Challenges – Den of Flames & Fire Temple [Part 13]

World 4: Ice Cavern
Level 1: Frozen Plateau & Level 2: Snowball Ravine [Part 14]
Level 3: Silver Shrine & Level 4: Ice Temple [Part 15]
Drablands Challenges – Frozen Plateau & Snowball Ravine [Part 16]
Drablands Challenges – Silver Shrine & Ice Temple [Part 17]

World 5: Fortress
Level 1: Sealed Gateway & Level 2: Bomb Storage [Part 18]
Level 3: Training Ground & Level 4: The Lady’s Lair [Part 19]
Drablands Challenges – Sealed Gateway & Bomb Storage [Part 20]
Drablands Challenges – Training Ground & The Lady’s Lair [Part 21]

World 6: The Dunes
Level 1: Infinity Dunes & Level 2: Stone Corridors [Part 22]
Level 3: Gibdo Mausoleum & Level 4: Desert Temple [Part 23]
Drablands Challenges – Infinity Dunes & Stone Corridors [Part 24]
Drablands Challenges – Gibdo Mausoleum & Desert Temple [Part 25]

World 7: The Ruins
Level 1: Illusory Mansion & Level 2: Palace Noir [Part 26]
Level 3: Lone Labyrinth & Level 4: Grim Temple [Part 27]
Drablands Challenges – Illusory Mansion & Palace Noir [Part 28]
Drablands Challenges – Lone Labyrinth & Grim Temple [Part 29]

World 8: Sky Realm
Level 1: Floating Garden & Level 2: Deception Castle [Part 30]
Level 3: Dragon Citadel & Level 4: Sky Temple [Part 31]
Drablands Challenges – Floating Garden & Deception Castle [Part 32]
Drablands Challenges – Dragon Citadel & Sky Temple [Part 33]

World 9: Den of Trials

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes
Developer(s): Nintendo, Grezzo
Publisher(s): Nintendo
Platform(s): 3DS
Release Date: October 23, 2015

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