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Disney Infinity Next Spring 2016 – Summary & Thoughts

Disney just uploaded their first edition of “Disney Infinity Next.” This series is meant to give fans a peek as to what’s on the way to Disney Infinity. Here’s an embed of the presentation:

And here’s a quick summary of what went down:
* There will not be a new version of Disney Infinity this year. Instead, the team is opting to continue support for Disney Infinity 3.0 via new figures and Play Sets. Each of the four main parts of the DI games (Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars) will each get a new Play Set sometime this year.
* Figures for Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from Zootopia, which is the newest animated feature from Walt Disney Animation Studios, are out today! Judy is quick and powerful, and can use many kick-oriented attacks and a stun gun. Nick can call in a helper to assist with attacks, and can also wield a giant popsicle.
* Marvel Battlegrounds is the new Play Set for the Marvel portion of Disney Infinity, and it launches in just two weeks. The story involves a team-up between Ultron and Loki, as well as robotic duplicates of heroes. This Play Set features arena-oriented combat that supports up to 4-players locally. All Marvel characters are compatible with the Play Set and there are eight available arenas to fight in.
* In addition to the previously-shown new, unmasked version of Captain America, which is included with the Marvel Battlegrounds Play Set, three more characters were officially unveiled: Black Panther, Ant-Man, and The Vision.
* Baloo from The Jungle Book is getting a figure for Disney Infinity 3.0, and is based on the classic animated version of the character. For his attacks, he can pull out and swing a palm tree, throw fruit projectiles, and use claw swipes and belly flops.
* The presentation ends with a teaser for the next edition of the presentation, which involves “an update on some of their favorite fish” and taking a peak “through the looking glass.”

The first edition of Disney Infinity Next was very interesting. The format reminds me of a Nintendo Direct presentation, which is nice because I do like that format for making announcements. While much of the information from the presentation unfortunately leaked much in advance, there were some new tidbits, and we finally got to see some of the new characters in action. I do like the fact that the development team is choosing to expand Disney Infinity 3.0, rather than making another new game. Simply put, it’s kind of unnecessary to keep making yearly games, especially when Disney has been taking advantage of the fact that these games can be updated and expanded upon, as they are starting to do with Disney Infinity 3.0.

The new characters all looked very entertaining to play as in the game. And while we know of one new Play Set (Marvel Battlegrounds), based on the team’s teasers, the other two are likely to involve Finding Dory (Pixar) and Alice Through the Looking Glass (Disney). That leaves a new Star Wars Play Set for the future, and I have two guesses for that one. The first is a Star Wars Rebels Play Set. There are already many characters from the animated series, so that one is very likely. My other guess is a Play Set for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This launches in late December 2016, so if this is indeed the next Star Wars Play Set, we’ll be waiting for official news on it for quite a while.

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