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Published on March 13th, 2016 | by octaneblue


Playthrough: Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors is a spin-off title in the Legend of Zelda series for the Wii U. Developed by Omega Force and Team Ninja, the teams behind the Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, etc. games, Hyrule Warriors doesn’t share too many elements with the main games in the franchise, with no focus on puzzles and dungeons but instead going all-in on delivering action and combat. As noted in my review of the game, I love Hyrule Warriors!

A 3DS version of the game titled Hyrule Warriors Legends is coming out later this month, and to commemorate the launch of that version, I decided to revisit this game for my YouTube channel! My playthrough of the game consists of the game’s Legend Mode, which is basically the story mode of Hyrule Warriors. I’ll cover each of the scenarios of the Legend Mode, including the DLC scenarios that were released after the initial launch of the game. You can check out the first part of the playthrough below!

You can check out my Hyrule Warriors playlist here. You can also subscribe to my channel to stay up to date on all of my latest video game uploads!

Here’s a list of the Scenarios in the Legend Mode Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U. Links to the 3DS-exclusive Scenarios are listed below the Wii U ones, with the bonus videos listed after those!


Scenario 01: The Armies of Ruin
Scenario 02: The Sheikah Tribesman
Scenario 03: The Sorceress of the Woods
Scenario 04: The Sorceress of the Valley
Scenario 05: Land of Myth
Scenario 06: The Water Temple
Scenario 07: Land of Twilight
Scenario 08: Palace of Twilight
Scenario 09: Land in the Sky
Scenario 10: Sealed Ambition
Scenario 11: The Sacred Sword
Scenario 12: A War of Spirit
Scenario 13: Shining Beacon
Scenario 14: Ganondorf’s Return
Scenario 15: March of the Demon King
Scenario 16: Battle of the Triforce
Scenario 17: Enduring Resolve
Scenario 18: Liberation of the Triforce

Cia’s Tale

Scenario 01: The Dragon of the Caves
Scenario 02: The Invasion Begins
Scenario 03: The Usurper King
Scenario 04: The Demon Lord
Scenario 05: Darkness Falls

Linkle’s Tale

(3DS exclusive)
Scenario 01: The Girl in the Green Tunic
Scenario 02: Powers Collide
Scenario 03: The Demon Lord’s Plan
Scenario 04: Her True Self
Scenario 05: The Other Hero

Wind Waker

(3DS exclusive)
Scenario 01: A New Disturbance
Scenario 02: The Search for Cia
Scenario 03: Reclaiming the Darkness
Scenario 04: Watchers of the Triforce

Bonus Gameplay

(Wii U)

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