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E3 2016 – Nintendo Treehouse: Live – Live Blog & Summary

Nintendo is opting to do Treehouse: Live streams today and tomorrow! This live blog will cover today’s stream, which covers the new Zelda title for Wii U and Pokémon Sun and Moon for the 3DS.

* The stream begins with a moment of silence for the victims of the Orlando tragedies from the Pulse nightclub and Christina Grimmie, who Reggie notes was supposed to visit the Nintendo booth at E3.
* Footage of The Legend of Zelda for Wii U is shown, featuring Link exploring the vast landscape, hunting, cooking, horseback riding, performing archery, and fighting monsters. The game looks gorgeous!
* The Master Sword is shown, after which the game’s full title is revealed: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!
* Reggie notes that this is one of the biggest experiences that Nintendo has made to date. It will be on Wii U and NX! Trailer below!

* Discussion and gameplay of Pokémon Sun and Moon is up next! They’re recapping the starters, the cover legendaries, and the new Zygarde formes.
* The protagonist is shown in his home. Looks like he and his mom just moved into town. They have a pet Meowth!
* Route 1 is shown, and they run into their first wild Pokémon: Ledyba! The bottom screen is a bit different, it shows the current Pokémon on the field!
* Your Pokémon’s moveset will have small text next to it that shows if moves are effective, not very effective, etc. The developers note that this will help make the game more accessible to everyone.
* You can also see how stats in-battle have increased or decreased. For example, Popplio used Growl on Ledyba. You can check its current stats to see that Growl lowered Ledyba’s attack stat one stage!
* Another wild encounter, this time showing a brand-new Pokémon: Yungoos! It’s a small, mean-looking tan mongoose!
* Yungoos is a Normal-type Pokémon, with the ability of Stakeout (new ability) or Strong Jaw!
* Trainers in the overworld will be more noticeable; the girl on Route 1 was throwing a Pokéball (later revealed to be holding a Caterpie) up and down, waiting for a challenger. A shadow effect on the top-screen appears when approaching fellow trainers as well!
* Another trainer battle is shown, with the opponent using a Yungoos!
* A new wild encounter reveals a brand-new Pokémon: Pikipek! It’s a woodpecker Pokémon!
* Pikipek is a Normal/Flying-type with the abilities of Keen Eye or Skill Link!
* The trainer meets up with Professor Kukui and his assistant, Lillie. A battle begins between the trainer and Hau, his friend. A crowd is gathered around the ring! Hau has a Pichu and the starter Pokémon that your starter is strong against. In this case, he has a Litten!
* A new 4-player battle mode is being shown: Battle Royale! This is similar to a multi battle, but it’s a free-for-all. The battle ends when one of the trainers has no remaining Pokémon. The winner is determined by the amount of Pokémon that have been knocked out and how many they have remaining!
* On Twitter, the Pokémon account revealed a new Pokémon: Grubbin! It’s a pure Bug-type with the ability Swarm!
* Magearna has the ability “Soul-Heart;” when a Pokémon on the field faints, Magearna’s special attack goes up one stage!
* Yungoos’s Stakeout ability allows it to deal double damage to targets that switch in during battles.
* When they perform their respective signature attacks, Solgaleo goes into its Radiant Sun phase, while Lunala goes into its Full Moon phase!
* And we’re heading back to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

* The gameplay begins with a voice (with actual voice acting!) telling Link to wake up. He was in some kind of pool?
* The area he starts out in is called the “Shrine of Resurrection.” He picks up a Sheikah Slate, a tablet which the voice says will guide him.
* Some treasure chests are nearby that has a shirt and some pants. Link started out almost naked!
* The Sheikah Slate is placed onto a pedestal, opening a large door to the outside. The voice tells link that he is “the light.”
* There’s a dedicated jump button! Link can jump up to ledges and climb up. He climbs outside to an area called “Great Plateau.” A mysterious character is seen walking away in the distance.
* Link gathers some Hylian Shrooms, which restore one heart each.
* Link can push boulders down the mountains, and climb trees to gather apples! The voice tells like he can use the Sheikah Slate to see his next destination.
* He meets up with the Old Man who explains to Link that Hyrule is in a “state of decay.” Link can use a tree branch and light it with the Old Man’s campfire. You can light grass on fire this way.
* Link finds an axe and you can cut down trees. Cutting downed trees will create bundles of firewood.
* Link is shown fighting some enemies by their campfire, who are armed with large spears. Link can take one of their pot lids to use as a shield. You can take their spears and use them against them too. Link can take the food they were cooking too!
* Small hearts are no longer found in the grass; you’ll have to eat food to restore your health!
* When enemies attack, you can counter attack with the proper timing of a button press. They’ll sometimes drop parts too.
* The Miitomo-themed Zelda items will go live in the game at 6PM EST!
* You can use the Sheikah Slate to “pin” locations on the map, so you can follow that to your marked destination!
* Link will react to his environments based on his clothing! For instance, Link was shivering a lot in the snowy area; you can equip clothing to warm him up!
* You can use a shield as a snowboard! However, the shield will deteriorate over time.
* The game will have over 100 Shrines of Trials to find and explore!
* The magnet item allows Link to perform “Magnesis,” letting him move and lift certain metal objects! Link is shown moving a large metal panel to create a makeshift bridge, and he also grabbed a treasure chest that was underwater and moved it in front of him!
* Link’s bomb can actually be used an unlimited amount of times! It has its own timer for when you can use it again. It can also be remotely detonated!

* The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild amiibo will launch in 2017! There will be an Archer Link amiibo, a Guardian (spider-like mech enemy) amiibo, and a Rider Link (Link on horseback) amiibo!
* Super Mario Series 2 amiibo are on the way for later this year as well! Launching on November 4, 2016, along with Mario Party: Star Rush for 3DS, Waluigi, Daisy, and Boo will receive their very first amiibo! Reposes for Wario, Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong, and Rosalina are also included in this series!
* The Wolf Link + Midna amiibo, released for Twilight Princess HD, is compatible with Breath of the Wild! Tapping the amiibo brings Wolf Link into the game as a partner character! He’ll follow Link and attack enemies. He can also sniff out and sense things like food and wild animals. If Wolf Link loses all his hearts, he cannot be summoned back into the game until the next day (real life, not in-game).
* You can sneak up on enemies and hit them with a Sneak Strike! The enemy they showed in the demo was instantly knocked out!
* Certain items gathered on the field can be cooked to improve their potency! Raw meat is shown being cooked at a campfire and turned into seared steak.
* Dropping a bundle of firewood and a flint, then striking the flint with a metal weapon, will create a campfire!
* Link is shown throwing a bomb into a river, killing a fish (Hyrule Bass). You can gather the fish and cook it!
* An odd mixture of ingredients can be cooked to create a “Dubious Dish.” It doesn’t heal Link’s health much.
* A mini-boss, a Great Plateau Steppe Talus, was encountered on the stream while exploring. It’s a creature made out of boulders. One hit from it immediately knocked out Link for a Game Over. 🙁

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