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Published on June 30th, 2016 | by octaneblue


Splatoon – Details for Final Splatfest (Team Callie vs. Team Marie) Announced

Nintendo has announced that the last Splatfest event for Splatoon on Wii U will commence on Friday, July 22 at 2 AM PST and last until Sunday, July 24 at 2 AM PST. The theme for this Splatfest revolves around the Squid Sisters; participants will choose between Team Callie or Team Marie!

The final Splatfest will take place around the same time in all regions, but Japanese players will only be matched up against other players in Japan; players in North America and Europe can be matched up with one another. While the top 100 players for this Splatfest will be separated by Japan and NA/Europe, the results for all regions will be combined and announced at the same time.

UPDATE: The official Splatoon Tumblr account announced that the last Splatfest stages will be determined by fan votes! Emails will be sent out soon to players via the email accounts associated with their Nintendo Network IDs. Voting ends on July 12th! Also announced is a Splatoon-themed Art Academy event! Artists are encouraged to draw their favorite Splatfest moments and upload them to the Art Academy Miiverse Community! There will be no prizes for the pictures; however, favorites will be picked out and featured on official social media accounts! For more information, check out this Miiverse post.

Two months ago, Nintendo announced that the Squid Sisters will receive their own amiibo! On July 8, 2016, a 2-pack containing Callie and Marie will launch for $24.99. When scanned into Splatoon, they’ll add new songs to the game, and they’ll also change the scenery in the Inkopolis plaza from day to nighttime. Since Splatfests will end after this next one, this may be the only method to see Inkopolis at night. In addition to the Squid Sisters amiibo, recolored Inkling Girl, Squid, and Boy amiibo will launch in a 3-pack for $34.99, with the Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy amiibo also available individually for $12.99. In case you missed the reveal trailer, check it out below!

Which team are you on: Team Callie or Team Marie? Let us know in the comments section!

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