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Published on July 2nd, 2016 | by octaneblue


Hyrule Warriors – Marin & Linkle w/ Boots Gameplay

A new DLC pack just launched for Hyrule Warriors on Wii U and Hyrule Warriors Legends on the 3DS! The Link’s Awakening Pack, available for both platforms, includes a new playable character, Marin, and a new weapon for Linkle, the Boots. I’ve recorded commentated gameplay for the new Wii U content, which you can check out in the embedded videos below!

For the 3DS version only, this DLC pack also includes the Koholint Adventure Mode map and 15 costume pieces for My Fairy. The DLC pack is available to purchase for $4.99 for the Wii U, $6.99 for the 3DS, or $9.99 for both platforms. The pack is also part of the Legends of Hyrule Season Pass, which gives access to current and future DLC packs at a discounted prices compared to buying them individually. The Season Pass is available for the 3DS for $14.99, on Wii U for $9.99, or for both platforms for $19.99.

Now that the Link’s Awakening Pack has been released, we still have two more DLC Packs on the way. The next one is the Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Pack, which, on both platforms, includes a new character and a new weapon for Toon Link. And the last one is the A Link Between Worlds Pack, which will have two new characters on both platforms. Any guesses as to which new characters will show up?

I’m guessing it’ll be Linebeck for the next pack, and then Ravio, Hilda, or Yuga for the last one. In any case, I’m really looking forward to using the new characters and Toon Link’s new weapon, as well as playing the new Adventure Mode maps for the 3DS version!

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