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Monster Hunter Generations – July DLC Details

Monster Hunter Generations launched in the West just last week and, like with previous entries in the franchise, the game supports free DLC in the form of quests, special weapons and armor, and more! Similar to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, this game features new DLC on the first Friday of every month, with Capcom announcing that the DLC schedule will continue until early 2017!

Like with MH4U, I will cover the details for the new DLC packs each month! So without further ado, let’s take a look at the details for July’s DLC!


Event Quests
Flames of Savagery at USJ
3* Hunting Quest
Main Objective: Hunt a Glavenus
Subquest: Hunt a Great Maccao
Locale: J. Frontier
Reward: F Meowster Palico Set, Promising/Lucid Hunter Armor Sets

Fan Club: Remobra Removal
7* Slaying Quest
Main Objective: Slay 12 Remobras
Subquest: Hunt a Malfestio
Locale: Arena
Reward: Shadow Shades (Head Armor), Rider Jacket (Torso Armor), Black Leather (Leg Armor)

The King of Lynians!
3* Prowler Quest
Main Objective: Defeat a total of 20 Felynes and Melynxes
Subquest: None
Locale: F. Slayground
Reward: F Happy Palico Set

Initiate: Operation Moofah
2* Prowler Quest
Main Objective: Deliver 20 pieces of Moofah Fur
Subquest: none
Locale: D. Island
Reward: F Catboard Palico Set

Mario: The White Donkey Kong?
4* Prowler Quest
Main Objective: Slay 20 Blangos
Subquest: None
Locale: A. Ridge
Reward: F Mario & F Luigi Palico Sets

Challenge Quests
Event: Slay a Zinogre
6* Arena Quest
Main Objective: Slay a Zinogre
Locale: Arena

Event: Slay a Gore Magala
6* Arena Quest
Main Objective: Slay a Gore Magala
Locale: Arena

Event: Slay a Volvidon
4* Prowler Arena Quest
Main Objective: Slay a Volvidon
Locale: Arena

Event: Slay a Royal Ludroth
4* Prowler Arena Quest
Main Objective: Slay a Royal Ludroth
Locale: Arena



Item Packs

Starter Pack
99x Honey
50x Mega Potion
20x Mega Dash Juice
50x Well-done Steak
20x Lifepowder
30x Hot Drink
30x Cool Drink
10x Shock Trap
10x Pitfall Trap
30x Tranq Bomb


Super, Bros., 1-Up, World’s Best, Mario, Wonder, Dash, USJ, Studios, Magic, Universal, Dragon Slayer, Magazine, Salamander, Happy, Fairy Tail, Money-Powered, Danboard, Flaming, Flooding

Guild Card Poses
Mario Jump

Guild Card Backgrounds
Donkey Kong, Super Mario, USJ, Fairy Tail, Danboard

Pet Costumes
Pig in a Yukata

And that’s it for this month’s DLC! See you next month for the August DLC Pack details!

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