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JB is the primary developer and designer for The Gamer’s Bench and is co-owner of TwoChaps Branding, a full service design and marketing agency that specializes in branding small and medium-size businesses. The TwoChaps are currently the #1 ranked logo design team in the Baltimore metropolitan region. It is rumored that the Mass Effect franchise is based almost entirely on JB’s college exploits, where he played rugby and worked part-time as a spectre. He lives in Arbutus, Maryland with his mutt Blackjack, the all-mighty destroyer of chew toys.

Systems of choice: Xbox 360, iPhone, Genesis
Favorite genres: First-person shooter, RPG, FPSRPG, word, puzzle, strategy
Favorite games: Dark Wizard, Fallout, Mutant League Football, Phantasy Star IV, Portal, Halo, Scrabble

Xbox LIVEXbox LIVE Gamertag: CPT B4N4N4P4NTS

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